London, here we come !


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Tonight, I\’m leaving for London ! I\’m taking my sis and a backpack and we\’re taking the bus from Troyes to Paris at about 6pm and then from Paris to London at about 11pm. We\’ll be in London at around 7 am if everything goes fine.
This is the mysterious project I\’m been vaguely talking about which required I keep my money instead of spending it around. We\’re leaving for a small week, I\’ll be back home in Troyes on August 13th in the night. I\’ve prepared all my posts and they\’ll be published by someone else and I\’ll try and share them on my social media as often as possible – not sure what the Wi-Fi in the hostel will be like.
And so for this occasion, I created a special London nail art that will hopefully make your heart melt ! I don\’t know if the weather will be sunny or cloudy in London but I know that the weather was rainy in Troyes when I did it ! On a gradient background of white (Konad stamping polish), grey (Laura Clauvi – Smooth Grey n°46) and blue (Revlon – Midnight, one of my ever favorites), I stamped black water drops on my forefinger. After that, I stamped a London landscape with the London Eye, the Tower Bridge and the Gherkin.

Aside from using a lot of tools like liquid latex, sponges, tweezers, MoYou London plates and the precision and time any nail art requires, this one was pretty cool to do, easy and I love the result – I\’d like to do another one with a New York City landscape. What do you think of this manicure ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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