Horrorstör – A horror novel on an Ikea background ?!


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I hate anything that has to do with horror be it a horror book, a horror movie, a horror TV show or anything else. I used to love the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine when I was younger but not much anymore. However the last time I went to a bookstore, I found a book called Horrorstör which caught my attention immediately – a cover that looks like a furniture catalog would attract anyone\’s attention in a bookstore. I wrote down the title on my cell, bought it off Amazon for it was halfprice and today I\’m letting you know a bit more about this book, Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix.
I love everything graphic about this book : this is really interesting and the first and last pages relate : on the first page, the show is bright and once the novel is over, the room is dark, we can see hands behind bars, creepy things. The pictures really make the story more thrilling and there\’s more and more tension the further you get in the book.
A horrorstory taking place in an Ikea knockoff store called Orsk which modus operandi is similar to Ikea : a huge store you can easily get lost in with a Showroom, a Market Floor, a kids space, a cafeteria… If you\’ve ever been to Ikea, then you\’ll understand pretty easily how similar Orsk is to it.

The concept of the book is innovating and fresh and since everything happens in the store, it\’s even more thrilling and scary. I\’ve read this book in broad daylight – I tried at night but just couldn\’t, I\’m too afraid I\’ll have nightmares. At the beginning of each chapter, there\’s a new piece of furniture displayed and as you read on, the pieces of furniture become torture instruments – I didn\’t grasp the change until late in the book and that just made me so uncomfortable – which is what horror authors want, isn\’t it ?
I feel I won\’t be able to explain the story very well so I found the book trailer in a video (and it\’s pretty good too, I\’d love a movie now !) so here it is :
I really liked this book with its fresh concept and the thrilling writing that was really spooky at times. I liked it but sometimes felt the author didn\’t go as far as he could have with the story and the horror and that the story relied a bit too much on the perfect life background offered by the chain Orsk – I had the feeling that the story lacked some more work and seemed like a teenager novel in consequence. I also liked the end even though it wasn\’t trash enough. I had the feeling the story wasn\’t finished and I disliked that. However, since I really liked the idea of the whole book, I lent it to my sister and if I should buy this again, I would definitely but still on Amazon and not whole price (€19). Have you ever read this book ? What did you think of it ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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