Shame on me, I got crazy with makeup during the sales.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

This year I\’ve decided to show you all the things I got during the sales separately : the first part with clothes I already published two weeks ago, today\’s part is the makeup part and last will be my Equivalenza haul – I\’ve bought so many things there that it deserves a whole post. I\’ve also bought many things at Cookie\’s Makeup but I\’ll post about these in a different blog for many of the things I bought weren\’t on sale. So all in all I got many things at Kiko Cosmetics and Nocibé, I also got things from the brands Jugavi and City Color and two accessories I can\’t wait to show you !
I didn\’t buy many things from Kiko for in January I bought a LOT of things there and many I\’ve never even opened yet ! So I made up my mind to buy only things I was actually going to use : two Super Colour Eyeliners in 112 and 113 and one Super Colour Liner & Kajal from the Rebel Romantic Collection I used for the teal Monday Shadow Challenge look.
Well… I also bought some things I now regret buying : two Infinity eyeshadows and a magnetic nail lacquer whereas it seems I have a million magnetic nail polishes.

I bought only some things there whereas their sales were really crazy : almost all of their eyeshadows were on sale and so beautiful ! I got the four different lip pigments in a Parisian store : I love ombré lips and these cost €2.67 each instead of €9.99 – a pretty good deal. I also bought their Pixel Color eyeshadows, small bubble-shaped eyeshadows that cost €0.87 instead of €2.90 each : the texture is almost creamy, foam-like and they\’re very pigmented : I love them !
Jugavi & City Color
Aside from Nocibé and Kiko, I went to a Vima store and found three eyeshadow palettes from the Spanish brand Jugavi and paid them €3.49 instead of maybe 7 or 8 euros. I really loved the blue and purple ones as soon as I saw them but also took the pink one – it wasn\’t expensive and it\’s really beautiful in a more subtle kind of way. They\’re extremely pigmented, I can\’t wait to try them out and write about them.
I\’ve also been to Auchan in the 4 Temps mall in La Défense and found the City Color eyeshadows for €1 each – there were so many of these but I only bought the colors I didn\’t own or that really stood out in my opinion. White, grey, beige on sale is not my cup of tea – I\’ve already got these colors in so many of my eyeshadow palettes.
I bought only this navajo pouch at Primark – I love their pouches there, they\’re so cute and often ethnic which is what I love : I got this one for €3 instead of €6. I\’ve also bought two anklets for €2 instead of €4.95. I\’m really happy with all that I got, as usual do tell me if you\’d like a review of something quickly ! Did you also get nice things during these summer sales ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

More nice things ?

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