5 Blogs I discovered… and loved in July 2016

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !Hi there ! I want to share today five blogs that caught my heart this month with their simplicity, their beauty, their texts, the quality of the pictures and even their author\’s technique. The blogging world is so vast and it\’s so difficult to share each month a small selection of blogs that you\’ll enjoy as much as I do – click on the pics to be redirected to the blogs !

I\’ve discovered Carnet Lunaire, Laureva\’s blog thanks to her post about ColourPop\’s Ultra Metallic lipsticks and her world is shared between beauty, geek stuff and many other things – we\’re far from an all-pink blog and I love how she talks about anything on her blog : from restaurants to Pokemon Go, from makeup to TV Shows… This is a gem with neat pics and great texts and the diversity of the posts is a big strength to this blog.

I discovered Marie\’s blog, Joy and Makeup at the very end of this month – a gem if you\’re lacking makeup inspiration. I discovered it with one of her Monday Shadow Challenge looks, a semi-tribal, semi-girly look called Blossom.
Les Chroniques d\’une Bavarde, Laurie\’s blog is a nice world I enjoy entering because it\’s simple. Her pictures and really neat, just the kind of pics I\’d love to be able to take. I discovered her with her Préjugés sur les Blogueuses Tag (prejudices about bloggers) that I think of posting too.
I can\’t remember which post led me to this blog, Kleo Beauté : it\’s a blog that reminds me of a professional blog, like a brand blog – the pictures are so beautiful and well-thought ! Her swatches are perfect and that\’s exactly the kind of blog I\’d go and look for swatches on if I needed it.

Love Nails Etc., Julia\’s Blog is a pretty little blog ! Her nail arts are perfect, original, just beautiful – I\’d love for her blog to be more structured though ! She publishes new posts very often and I love it – every time I see a new nail art of hers, I think of doing the same but I know that for now I\’m not advanced enough in the nail art field ! Do you know one or several of these blogs ? What do you think of them ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

More striking discoveries…

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