I bit in a hot-dog at Chez Tonton Billy – and I LOVED it


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

In my opinion, hot dogs are part of the American Dream – I\’ve only ever known them through my TV screen and their everlasting stands and I\’ve always wanted to bite in one of them – if you happen to live in Troyes, this is simply impossible. While I was walking around the Bastille neighborhood in Paris, I came upon Chez Tonton Billy, a small hot-dog restaurant that not only offers really tasty hot dogs but also halal chicken sausages and even vegan sausages among the available meats – anyone can come and eat there without betraying their beliefs.

I love how simple and colorful the front of the restaurant is – this is what caught my eye in the first place and the inside, all bricks and wood, reminds me of the inside of the apartments you can see in the American TV shows like New Girl.

The prices are really reasonable : each hot dog costs about €5 or €6 and a menu hot dog/fries/drink will cost about €10 : these are great prices for the great quality and taste of the ingredients ! Just like in a salad bar, you can see what ingredients are going in your sandwich through a chilled glass-windowed display stand.

I chose the Rocco hot dog that costs €5.50 alone – a chicken sausage, roquette, tomatoes, melting cheese… I\’d never eaten a hot dog before so it\’s pretty hard to try and compare it to anything else : all I can say is this is a total top ! The bread was soft yet a bit crispy, the seeds gave a nice taste to it and the ingredients filling it…! There are also the Mac & Cheese, Choriental and Chauvergnat hot dogs for instance – interesting creations and I\’ve had a lot of trouble choosing which one I\’d eat. The waiter was very nice and let me take a pic of hot dogs cooking behind the counter – simply mouth-watering.
Of course I\’d choose a side dish. One does not simply take a sandwich without a side dish. Tonton Billy\’s fries – not one of my uncles is called Billy though – deserve as many compliments as do their hot dogs. I love irregularly cut fresh fries, authentic, crunchy and yet melting in my mouth, still in their jackets : these are just perfect. I did say, perfect.

I strongly and forcefully recommend this warm and delicious restaurant – should you not eat either vegan or halal meat, Tonton Billy also has mutton sausages and beef steaks for the few hamburgers they have. Do you know this place ? Have you ever eaten hot dogs ?
Chez Tonton Billy
34 rue de la Roquette
75011 Paris
Opening hours : noon to 1 am every day
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/TTBSoHot/

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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