July Favorites


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I wear even less makeup than usual when it\’s hot – this is exactly what happened this month. Not only did I have to go from Troyes to Paris a few times and that didn\’t allow me to take many things with me but I simply didn\’t want to look like I was melting so I just used the same products about every day.
This month I only used an Eyebrow Powder set from Max & More in Light which I talked about here and love dearly because I\’ve finally found the perfect powder color for my eyebrows and also the Benefit mascara They\’re Real I haven\’t been using for a long time but that I\’m fond of for it lifts up the eyes instantly – never in my life have I seen such a curling effect.

I\’ve enjoyed wearing four lipsticks this month : the Jordana liquid matte lipstick in Tiramisu I\’ll talk about in detail tomorrow, the matte lipstick Hean Mattense in Dolce, a beautiful mauveish pink and two shades of the After 90 Velvet Matte Lipsticks I showed you a few days back : shade 13, a dark red and shade 16, a wonderful greige.

My last crush this month is Horrorstör, a horror story I\’ll write about next week – a horror story based in a store strangely similar to Ikea and a book that looks like a furniture catalog. I had to control myself and not read it straight through but I had to, I loved the easy writing and how thrilling it was. I don\’t like horror stories or movies or anything that\’s scary but I loved this book. Though I stopped reading it at night. Do you know any of my favorites ? What are yours this month ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Other great finds…

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