Natural and organic solid perfume ? Téane did it !*

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I\’m crazy about perfumes and body mists of all kinds and I\’m always seeking new stunning creations – for instance, I\’m really attracted to Lush\’s solid perfumes and I\’ve bought L\’Occitane\’s last year and I love them. Unfortunately, I know that many cannot wear basic perfumes because of the alcohol in them – that was before the Téane Laboratories created natural perfume sticks for sensitive skins, pregnant women and young kids. I\’ve received both the perfumes they have so far with feminine and fruity scents : My Little Madeleine and Mistinguette.

What is Téane ?
That\’s a brand focusing on natural, organic products, maternity and on creating products you can use and still feel in harmony with the environment you live in. You know I\’m crazy about perfumes so I was really happy I got to try out perfumes that would actually take care of my skin – a great alternative to all the body mists I wear day to day – if you\’ve been reading this blog for some time now, you should definitely know that.
The perfume sticks My Little Madeleine and Mistinguette
The 100% natural perfume sticks costs €13.25 each for 5g of perfume and €18.90 both and they exist in two scents for the moment being : Mistinguette and My Little Madeleine. I love knowing all the nice things they have about them : no alcohol, essential oils, coloring or conservatives in the formulation and 100% natural ingredients (minimum 61% of which are certified organic with an Ecocert certification). I almost wonder how they made them smell so good and last on the skin ! Not only are they not destructive for the skin but they\’re composed of natural waxes and apricot oil which hydrate the skin.

My Little Madeleine
The perfume My Little Madeleine is supposed to have \”mouth-watering red berries notes which remind you of childhood memories\”. I\’d have loved to smell of madeleine (is it the child inside of me ?) but I have to admit the description is really precise and accurate : the smell is gourmet, childish yet feminine, centered around red berries and evokes a day in a Parisian park (things always evoke something really precise in my head). The scent is really warm and lovely, a bit tangy and doesn\’t remind me of my childhood (my mom\’s chocolate cakes are my childhood actually) but it does put me in a good mood in the morning.
I was pretty sure I\’d like My Little Madeleine better than I would Mistinguette and this is not the case : I really like Mistinguette better because it reminds me of tropical fruits, apple and pear : this is a perfect scent for the summer. There are not many details on the website aside from the fact that Mistinguette has \”very fresh and fruity notes\” but to me it\’s a very fruity and warm scent.

I really like these two small perfumes : the packagings are cute and their size is convenient for small summer bags, the composition is ultra clean, they always smell the same thing on the skin whether there is a bright sun or no sun at all and they\’re hydrating too. I really like the fact there\’s a protection on the perfume because the texture attracts dust and dirt easily if the perfume is open. I love using them day after day and seeing that the stick doesn\’t seem to get any smaller !
I think it\’s useful to say these perfume sticks are logically not as longlasting as a perfume or body mist containing alcohol would be – this is the counterpart of a clean composition : I\’ve noticed they last about one to two hours on my skin and this is actually a very good lasting time compared to some body mists that do contain alcohol. I\’m really happy I got to discover these little things, I\’m curently on \”vacation\” in Paris and these are the only perfumes I\’ve taken in my bag – since I have to travel light, these are really convenient for they\’re so small and yet bring a touch of feminity to any of my outfits. Do you know these natural perfume sticks ? Have you ever heard of the brand Téane ? Would you recommend other solid perfumes from other brands ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

*These products were sent by the brand to be reviewed. I did not pay for them.

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