Pokemon Go – I\'ve finally tried it !


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

What was just a game (a chef d\’oeuvre of the game history but still, just a game), a 2D adventure almost as old as I am became a more modern and more global  – if possible – phenomenon with the release of an augmented reality app at the beginning of this month. Here are a few reasons to fall under the charm of the new Pokemon Go trend.
At the beginning…
Everyone knows Pokemon – my favorite games are the blue, the yellow and the red game paks that I used in my Game Boy Color. I\’ve never actually finished either of these games but I loved caring for my Pokémon, buying potions, riding my mini virtual bike, going back to Pallet Town to see my virtual parents and I hated losing a battle when I was just about to win it or worse, about to win a badge. Pokémon is a big part of my childhood.
You\’ll have to create an avatar juste like in every Pokémon game except the app allows you to choose more than just the name and gender : different haircuts and colors, different clothes, hats and backpacks too. There\’s no surprise : I called my avatar Tissam Est La because well, I just had to. Like in every Pokémon game you\’ll get to meet the Pokemon expert at the beginning of the game, you\’ll catch Pokemon and they\’ll end up in the Pokedex once you\’ve caught them.

1. Play Pokemon Go to do some P.E.
Pokemon Go will make you go from one end to the city to the other without you noticing and that\’s actually a great thing. Seeing as you have to walk for at least 2 km for an egg to hatch or that there\’s always a PokeStop nearby, you do lose a few grams on the way.
2. Play Pokemon Go to discover the city you\’re in
What are PokeStops ? That\’s actually the thing I like the most about Pokemon Go. Collecting Pokemon has never been much of an amusement to me – I\’d rather ride my bike in Petalburg City or grow Oran Berries. What I\’m mostly attracted to in Pokemon is the graphics and all the little things you can do aside from just catching and evolving Pokemon, all the things that make it a real adventure that looks like a real life.
A PokeStop is an important place in a city where you can collect useful things like PokeBalls, Eggs, Potions… and I\’ve discovered while searching for these PokeStops many places I didn\’t even usually notice – I\’m talking about Troyes here, the small town I was born in and where I\’ve been living for the past 21 years ! Pokemon Go is a great tourist tool in my opinion – not if you have limited data or if you\’re abroad though, because then you\’ll have to stop playing.

3. Play Pokemon Go to feel like you belong to a community
The day before yesterday, I went to the Parc de la Villette, one of my favorite places in Paris at around 7 or 8 pm – it\’s a beautiful, quiet, artistic place I feel great in. I saw many people concentrating in one spot and so I walked towards them and since everyone was looking down to their phone, I took a look at their screen : something like 90% of the people there, old and young alike were playing Pokemon Go.
Okay well, I took out my own phone and started playing too. I only had 50% battery left so I didn\’t play for a long time but I had the time to feel the community spirit uniting us all – I was shocked. All of a sudden I heard \”Oy ! There\’s a Dratini here !\” and everyone moved to the place where the Dratini was. (It was pretty hard to catch too). Later I heard \”There\’s a Bulbasaur here !\” so I followed everyone and caught my Pokemon. In this park I got several Pokemon I didn\’t have so it was pretty great – and then my phone died.

You should be aware that Pokemon Go eats up your battery and data really quickly – like in one hour of playing, 50% of the battery bids you goodbye. Also, be careful about not being mugged or run over and don\’t forget there are much more important things going on in the world at this time !
It took me some time before I really appreciated this game because I am crazy about the previous versions and this one is too incomplete for me : catch Pokemon until your Pokedex is full, fight in arenas, those are the things I like to do the least in this game. That\’s a great endeavor but now I\’m definitely expecting Harry Potter Go. That would be awesome. But just for the great walks and finding great places to visit, for the thrill and the feeling that I\’m part of a community, I\’ll keep playing for a while longer. So, have you been caught by the Pokemon Go frenzy ? What do you think about the game ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

More great finds !

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