Max & More\'s Eyebrow Powders are a Great find


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

No, I swear I\’m not jealous of the American girls\’s brows on fleek that I keep seeing on Instagram – right –, I swear I wasn\’t sick of my own weird eyebrows but enough is enough.
Seeing many YouTube videos and browsing many blogs made me understand how much brows on fleek make a face look different compared to abandoned-since-Middle-Age eyebrows. It\’s a love/hate story between me and my brows : I used to pluck too many hairs out and had a lopsided look to my face, and then I got them all natural but with my parents\’ light and not-so-natural-nor-feminine eyebrows (they both have the same shape !) and then I went to Yves Rocher to get them reshaped and the shape didn\’t suit my face like, at all.
It\’s a good thing there\’s an Action store in Troyes for if I hadn\’t spotted their eyebrow sets, I would probably never have bought any eyebrow makeup – Tissam, 35 years old with Dumbledore\’s eyebrows. I had to make a mistake somewhere right ?, so the first one I bought was the Medium set which is too red for me and no one told me that !, and I used it for a good 6 months. Then I saw that Max & More also had other colors for the set, Light, Auburn and Dark – I almost bought the dark one – second mistake avoided since I bought the Light set instead.
The kits are very simple : they only cost €0.99 and they have two powders : a light one and a darker powder, each 3g as well as a mini eyeliner brush and a mini mascara brush. There\’s no wax in the set but I\’m not put off by that for I like using the Essence transparent Lash & Brow mascara : I think the result is more beautiful, cleaner in a way to be honest. The mini tools I use during weekends away but they\’re actually too small to be conveninent to use at home, especially the eyeliner brush since it\’s so small yet large and supposed to draw fine strokes to emulate eyebrow hairs.
The Light kit has an ultra-light beige powder and a cool brown/taupe powder, as for the Medium kit it offers a kind of light brown/camel/reddish powder and a dark brown/reddish powder – by reddish I might mean warm-toned.
The powders are really pigmented which is great : I use little product so I don\’t have to go running to Action every two weeks to get another set. I used to use the third eyeshadow but now all I use is the taupe one with the beige powder under my eyebrows and even as an eyeshadow to unify the color of my eyelids. The result is just perfect but I really wanted to show you guys what you get with each powder I have.
On the left (on the picture) : eyebrows au naturel
On the right : darkest powder of the Light Kit
On the left : light powder of the Medium Kit
On the right : dark powder of the Light kit (same as above)

On the left : light powder of the Light kit
On the right : dark powder of the Medium kit
You can easily see that the Medium kit wasn\’t made for my eyebrows, it\’s either too red and/or too obvious in both cases. The darkest powder of the Medium kit could work if I use it with a light hand otherwise you can easily notice the difference between it and my eyebrows natural color.
In any case, the powders last a long time with or without any wax or transparent mascara – they\’re really pigmented, cruelty free and affordable, there\’s nothing to dislike ! Have you ever tried them ? Are you attracted to these eyebrow powders ? What do you personnally use for your eyebrows makeup ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Even more Max & More makeup !

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