40 brands to customize your own eyeshadow palette from €1 to €32.50 !


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I won\’t say that customizable eyeshadow palettes are one of my passions – but it\’s close. I love being able to choose exclusively the colors I feel I\’ll be able to wear and work with and that\’s a great alternative to prefilled eyeshadow palettes that make me feel like everyone has the same tastes or has to have the same tastes. I know that sometimes it\’s more affordable to buy a prefilled palette just because the price of refills is high – maybe on the long term it is more advantageous, when you don\’t have to buy each and every palette they release so that you can get two or three actually wearable colors…
And so I looked in my drawers and on the Internet for as many brands as possible that offert eyeshadow pans – some even have their own magnetic palette. I\’m not going to describe the high-end brands that everyone knows anyway and I\’m going to focus on brands I have at home and/or that I\’ve seen amazingly pigmented swatches of on the Internet. Some pans are expensive and many brands will be actually affordable. I\’ve created two categories : eyeshadows between €8 and €32.50 and refills between €1 and €7 and I hope you get to discover some brands you didn\’t know of !
PS. All the brands that ship to France have a little plane icon next to them. For the other brands, you\’ll have to use a system like Shipito to get your order out of the USA.
Refills between €32.50 and €8 – some brands will probably never see my euros and I\’ll probably never see their eyeshadows

More than 20 brands with refills between €1 and €7 !
  • FashionistA – Less than €1 on FragranceDirect 
  • Marlène Grace – 1€50 on Maquillalia 
  • Coastal Scents – $1.95
  • Morphe Brushes – $2.50
  • Kiko – €2.40 an Infinity eyeshadow 
  • Hean – €2.49 on Maquillalia 
  • Nyx – €2.70 for one Hot Single Refill (up to €5.80 for pro pans) 
  • Pierre René Professional – €2.99 Maquillalia 
  • Yaby – About €3 on CameraReadyCosmetics 
  • La femme – About €3.60 on CameraReadyCosmetics 
  • Melkior Professional – €3.90
  • Neve Cosmetics – Between €4.20 and €5.80
  • Nocibé – €4.90 each Je crée ma palette pan, now on sale for €1.49 
  • ArtDeco – between €4.95 and €5.80
  • Devinah Cosmetics – $5 with promo codes on their Instagram account often 
  • Cosmetics Corner – $5 
  • Mulac Cosmetics – €5.90 and up to €7.90 for pro pans (same colors, bigger pans) 
  • Stars Makeup Haven – $6
  • Makeup Geek – $6 
  • Mehron – about €6 on CameraReadyCosmetics 
  • Peggy Sage – €6.30 on Gouiran Beauté
  • Inglot – €6.32 on CameraReadyCosmetics 
  • Strobe Cosmetics – $6.50 
  • Nabla Cosmetics – €6.50 on Maquillalia 

I\’ve been careful to share the prices precisely and the links to the websites where I think prices are the lowest. I\’m happy to see that many brands lower their prices (I\’d say it\’s logical seeing as if we don\’t buy, they shut down) and we can get new makeup for more affordable prices than, say Urban Decay. I have not written about the shipping fees for they\’re often different according to the weight of the order and the website off which you buy, mostly American websites. Do share more brands if you know some that aren\’t in the list – and tell me if you buy something of these brands here !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

My latest discoveries…

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