SkinFood\'s Black Sugar & Strawberry Masks


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I don\’t often write about bodycare on Tissam Est Là. I\’m not the biggest fan of industrial products, either cheap and filled with crap ingredients or expensive and filled with ingredients that would be more efficient than what nature has to offer. I don\’t buy exclusively natural or vegan makeup but I do try to use the most natural products to nurture my body like oils and make my own masks and bodyscrubs with food I\’d actually eat.
A few months ago, I bought two products from a Korean brand who believes that nutritive food actually results in nutritive beauty for a healthy and beautiful skin. That\’s an interesting idea and that and the very cute packagings with the cherub made me want to know more about the brand. I checked out the brand, SkinFood, on Ebay US and saw they had a lot of makeup as well as a large range of bodycare products like creams or body scrubs. I chose to get two body scrubs : a Black Sugar Mask Wash off and a Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off.

Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off
The strawberry mask is the first one I bought without really knowing what I was in for. I\’ve had these for so long now that the paper on the lids of the masks is a bit torn and used up. This one costs about $9 like the Black Sugar mask, here is the link to the cheapest Ebay seller I\’ve found. If you know where to find these for less, do tell me in the comments.
The texture is kind of creamy and there\’s a mouth-watering strawberry smell when you take the lid off. There are also real strawberry seeds and granulated sugar in the formula. I use both masks when I\’m in the shower and the strawberry one makes foam when in contact with water. Despite the natural side of the product, I don\’t really like it : there are too few seeds and sugar to scrub my face properly and I feel like my faceskin is still oily after I\’ve used it, that\’s why I won\’t buy it again. I can\’t tell you which ingredients it\’s made from given they\’re written in Korean on the pot but do share the information if you have it !
SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
I like this mask at least as much as I was disappointed in the other one – this one only has granulated sugar in it. There are a lot of grains in this one so it\’s actually cost saving. I had to take some product twice with the strawberry mask whereas I just need a bit of the Black Sugar mask. Also, it\’s cheaper for it costs $8.50 with free shipping.

I like having a soft and really clean skin after using this – it really does the job. Its texture is pretty much like my own homemade scrubs I make with honey and sugar and there\’s almost no foam when I use it. I really like its smell that reminds me of something sugary, fresh and lemon at the same time. There\’s shea butter, macadamia oil and sugar in it and you might like that if you don\’t pay much attention to some other not-so-natural ingredients at the end of the list – like perfume.
I strongly recommend you try out the Black Sugar mask for it\’s affordable and really efficient – plus, it lasts a long time despite the quantity of 100g. I know that SkinFood also has two other black sugar masks : one with honey and the other one with hot sesame and I\’d really like to try them out too. And maybe their makeup too, someday… Do you know this Korean brand ? Have you ever bought some of their products ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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