It\'s Tandoori Time in Paris !


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

On Thursday I had a meeting about a Community Manager vocational traning I want to pursue beginning September and I arrived the day before in Paris to do a bit of shopping. I\’ll write about this training soon provided I can be a part of it – I\’ll get an answer at the beginning of next week. Coming to Paris always means I\’ll end up in Cookie\’s Makeup and I did buy several things I\’ll show you guys later. When I got out of the store at about 3 pm, I was really hungry but I didn\’t know what I wanted to eat nor wanted to get on the subway to get somewhere. I didn\’t walk more than ten steps when I found a place to eat, Tandoori Time which was literally next door.

I absolutely loved what I ate there. That might not be gastronomy but at that time it wasn\’t my priority and I am sure I\’ll be eating there again when I go to Cookie\’s Makeup. This is a small restaurant that makes me think of Morocco, the decoration is really simple aside from the one wall covered with little multicolor houses and also the wooden chairs.
The setting : I was hungry, I didn\’t want to walk much nor go on the subway, not pay too much and I needed a halal restaurant because I was craving meat. Just that. I like paying extra money for a restaurant when I\’ve been planning it or for a special occasion but I hate paying €30 just for someplace I want to eat. It has to be important if I need to pay more. The menus of Tandoori Time are really easy to understand but don\’t expect elaborate dishes – what they offer is really simple cuisine.
I really wanted to try this out so I chose the Menu Express and paid €6 : rice, one meat and one vegetable. I chose the yellow rice over the white rice (I guess it was seasoned with curry). I had a choice between chicken and minced beef and between lentils, chickpeas and green beans with potatoes. I chose chicken, green beans and yellow rice.
I am pretty greedy so I also bought a cheese naan (these are amazing !) as well as an Orange Tango can – I thought this was juice but this was a soda – yuk ! I paid exactly €10 for my lunch of 3 pm meal.
The dishes are already prepared as you can see, the waiter just has to heat them up in the microwave. That\’s not the sexiest gastronomy – I understand that.
You can also buy one or more vegetable samosa or fritter but I forgot to ask how much this was. There were also Indian specialties that you could order like Lassi for instance.
My lunch at Tandoori Time

I plainly loved everything I ate which made me think of homemade cuisine I could make at home (and not only because it didn\’t look that appetizing in the plate) and the flavours, OMG the flavours…! A really long curry rice not too spicy but that felt spicier and spicier as I ate more of it…

I\’m really difficult when it comes to food – the meat has to be really well-cooked (especially chicken) and I don\’t really like green beans. The chicken was just melting in my mouth, it and the green beans in their sauce I can\’t remember tasted just perfect.

And so I also got my cheese naan which is an Indian bread that vagualy looks like pita bread with cheese in it and a bit of butter on it that melts when it\’s rubbed on the bread. The naan costs €1 and the cheese naan costs €2.50 – I always wonder why they\’re so expensive but I love cheese naans so much…! I don\’t like the cheese they stuff it in so much when it\’s on its own but the taste of the dough and the cheese together is plain awesome.
Of course all of this was too much for my small stomach so I left some of the rice in my plate but I did take my cheese naan with me (I\’m really serious when it comes to naans !). I had just gone shopping, I had a full plate that I ate on a terrasse with a bright sun ahead – that was the nicest moment and I strongly recommend you eat there sometime. I did ask where the meat was from and the waiter indicated a butchery at the end of the street, I really like knowing where the things I\’m eating are from.
I loved what I ate so much that I went back for a cheese naan the day before yesterday and also to know if they offered some other things too, if the dishes changed from time to time. That day I got curry rice, lentils as well as some tandoor-cooked chicken that was all red and mouth-watering.

The chicken was really good and I loved that way of cooking it even though I did prefer the chicken with sauce from two days before. The mix of lentils and rice and delicious yet really heavy on my stomach and so I went home with a doggy bag big enough for a meal. That day, they had lentils, chickpeas and spinach with potatoes to choose from.

I tasted for the first time in my life a mango Lassi : it\’s a kind of milkshake or smoothie with fermented milk (in its traditional recipe), a fruit and sometimes spices. I tasted the mango and the milk as well as something else I didn\’t recognize and that was really tasty. I loved it and next time I\’ll take a Lassi with another fruit to see what it tastes like – I recommend you choose that, it costs about €3 or €4.
  Do you know this Tandoori Time restaurant ? Are you big fans of Indian food or would you rather eat food from other parts of the world ?

Tandoori Time
42 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis
75010 Paris
Phone number : 0147705803 ou 0678038636
Email address :
Opening hours : 11 am to midnight on weekdays and 11 am to 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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