Saga Cosmetics has opened a store in Paris !


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

All those who live in Paris and those who are visiting should be happy, THE cheap makeup store is here at last ! And by Paris I actually mean Paris, on the Boulevard Saint-Michel !
That 39th store in France was really expected by Parisian girls and by me too ! I browsed every blog I could find for information about the prices, the brands and the makeup sold in those mysterious stores… I was expecting something like maybe an untidy store with dusty old makeup brands and I was really surprised to find a bright, tidy, trendy store with big screens and very helpful saleswomen.
The Saga Cosmetics Concept
I was very lucky for when I arrived to the store, I got to meet the woman who is in charge for the communication of the brand and she gave me plenty of detail about the store concept and the products they sell. This has been open for over a month (on May 21st, 2016) and I feel like not one blogger\’s been talking about it (How\’s that even possible ?!). Saga Cosmetics is a French chain of stores that sell cheap brand makeup : not only do they have brand makeup clearance prices (L\’Oréal, Gemey Maybelline, Bourjois…) which low prices are low because of the changes in the packaging or becase of an overproduction but they also have a lot of foreign makeup brands which products are trendy right now, that the brands are still selling but that Saga\’s got for us at a fraction of the price. They are specialized in cheap brand makeup but they also have a lot of bodycare and hygiene products.
Their prices are low, says the communication lady, because they buy them cheaper than supermarkets do. What I particularly loved about Saga Cosmetics is the Saga price of a product is printed just next to the official, usual selling price, like on a private sales website. Not only are their products cheap but they also often have offers (for instance it was 30% off all Rimmel makeup when I went there) on their own already low prices and even sales ! Tissam is Happy, don\’t you think ?
What can you buy at Saga Cosmetics ?
Hygiene and bodycare products
Hydrating creams, shampoo, sun protection when summer comes… Several brands : Veet, Aussie, Evoluderm, Dark & Lovely, Le Petit Marseillais, L\’Oréal, Nivea, Garnier, Mixa, Diadermine – among others.
These are all the brands I found while taking pics of the store : Anne Faugère, Ess, Oriflame, Delia, Smoss, Divage, Laura Geller, Nyx, Yes One, Glam Up, Exposed, Fashion Makeup, C\’est tout moi, Golden Rose, Essie, Rimmel, Revlon, Miss Cop, Gemey Maybelline, L\’Oréal, Bourjois, Note, Bellapierre Cosmetics, Farmasi, Esis, Essie, Mesauda – entre autres.
Eye makeup
You know how big and lively kids\’ eyes are when they\’re opening their Christmas presents ? Well, you could easily compare them with my state of mind when I saw makeup everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. The makeup is organised in categories, not by brand. A lot of the brands are famous but I\’ve also found a lot I didn\’t even know about ! Gemey Maybelline, Bourjois, L\’Oréal (Mamma mia, €1.50 Color Tattoo and €3 Colour Edition eyeshadows… It\’s unprecedented !)… There are also other brands like Nyx, Note, Ess, Bellapierre, Note, Exposed, Smoss (I\’ve tried a black felt-tip eyeliner from this brand and it seemed pretty great)…

A few days ago in my Showroomprivé and Beautéprivée haul I told you I\’d bought both Bellapierre Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes for €9 instead of €30 and here is the nude one for €12 but without the shipping fees ! There is an awesome lot of Bellapierre Cosmetics #GodIwantthemall. Do try this one out whenever you get a chance for the pigmentation is awesome and it\’s not a dupe of the Naked 3 palette.
There are several shelves for the mascaras that are cheap, always cheaper and there were so many brands that I couldn\’t remember many except for Rimmel and L\’Oréal.

Oh wow… I have to tell you ! Two entire shelves just for eyebrow makeup, OMG. I was really surprised and excited to find the brand Exposed there, I thought they only had nail polishes, I love this brand but I haven\’t seen any more Exposed products in the store. I\’ve also spotted Nyx in the eyeliner spot of Saga – there are SO many eyeliners too !
Lip Makeup

As beloved Sheldon would say, \”That\’s my spot\”. There are a lot of unknown brands there and even brands I didn\’t know about !
There are several shades of Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipsticks (I\’ve seen numbers 07 and 09 that I already own and the others are more vivid), tinted Nyx lipbalms, Revlon (!) Colorburst Matte Balms, Nyx Luxurious Black Label lipsticks in Poem and Cashmere that are €4 and look awesome…
The lipstick spot is pretty wide and you easily forget time there and add three of four shades to your basket without being conscious, I almost did forget what I was here for : to introduce the first ever Parisian Saga Cosmetics store (I did master my wallet though). Instead, I prepared a small (!) wishlist filled with the products that I\’d love to get from this place : you\’ll find it at the end of this blog.
Gemey, L\’Oréal, a Bourjois coral Rouge Edition lipstick, a brand called Delia that only had coral shades (no mauve, so sad) but seemed pretty great with chic packagings and even brands like Miss Cop.

I would love to get some lipsticks from this brand Divage ; I spotted several cosmetics of this brand in the store and these lipsticks are matte, matte, matte sir ! Two or three darker shades caught my heart and they only cost €6 apiece so I\’d actually pay that for this new Italian brand.

Color for our nails

The nail polish spot is wide : there are a lot of famous brands on sale there, like Bourjois. Not only is there nail lacquer but also sparkles, special nail art nail polishes… I\’ve found a lot of Essie shades for €5.50 and I loved the fact that what Saga sells is actually beautiful and wearable – that\’s not a weird discounter that only sells colors no one\’s going to wear or broken lipsticks. Big Up Saga !
Oh wow, this Divage matte nail polish shelf… I\’m a big fan of this small cube bottle and I have fallen in love with most of the colors, mainly the nude ones : pink, coral, brown, taupe, beige… I need these !
Face makeup
You know I hate wearing makeup on my face : no loose powder nor foundation and I love blushes just because they\’re pretty when I swatch them. But I know that the low-priced face makeup are going to catch your attention !
There are a lot of compact powders from Golden Rose, Note, Bellapierre or Oriflame (have you seen how the price of Oriflame went from €26.99 to €4 in Saga ?!) and foundations – the products are all so pretty that I could definitely buy what I don\’t need !

Nyx even has a small shelf with loose powder, foundation, bronzer and blotting paper. Their packagings are so cute that I almost got caught in their vibe !

One of the best things for the end… The spot for Bellapierre Cosmetics –remember I told you I have all their eyeshadow stackes, a few lipsticks and some singles and I told you their products are really overpriced even though they\’re really great. The pigmentation is crazy and I regret not buying more off the private sale. Fortunately, Saga has the most amazing products ! There are face or contouring kits that have €40 off their initial price, brushes I want so bad… What I especially loved are the Get the Look sets with several eyeshadows in them. You should totally check them out, the Purple Storm and Pretty Woman sets are plain awesome and they\’re on my list !
Not enough ? Well, aside from all this makeup, Saga also has shelves dedicated to accessories where there are Smoss brushes – I need these ! -, beauty blenders… as well as a complete spot for hair products : hair dyes, haircare, shampoos… There\’s also an entire shelf for the Kardashian Beauty haicare products and I\’m told they\’re the tomb – I\’d totally get a leave-in conditioner mist as well as a hair mask. And there\’s also the Chi Cosmetics brand – they seem to be pretty serious too so you should probably check\’em out.
Well I know you\’re tempted and I have had trouble in there too – I wanted to buy everything and I\’ve been interested in so many things ! Here\’s a small wishlist of what I eyed in Saga Cosmetics. Of course, I know that when I go I\’ll buy much more than all these things like the Note grey eyeshadow palette (I got the nude one off Beautéprivée), Bellapierre brushes, beautiful lipsticks (maybe some mauve ones), Gemey Maybelline Duo Cosmos eyeshadows (maybe the khaki one and the pink one, they\’re beautiful), Bourjois Color Edition eyeshadows (I have the khaki one I love !), Golden Rose and Note eyeshadows… What would you include in your wishlis ? Do you know the Saga Cosmetics stores ?

SAGA Cosmetics
51 Boulevard Saint-Michel
75005 Paris
Phone Number: 0142382139
Opening hours: 10 am – 7h30 pm (du lundi au samedi).

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

More makeup stores…

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