My July Wishlist

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Never on my blog has a wishlist been this short, I think. I feel I have everything I need and I don\’t want that many things. This month is a mix of things I\’m interested in but not going to buy asap and things I really would like to have.
1 and 2. The Storybook Candles and Anthology Candles seem really interesting for a lot of their creations are named after Harry Potter like Molly Weasley\’s Kitchen or Love Potion. The prices are not too high for art creations and I would totally buy some of them – even more so that they\’re Harry Potter-themed.
3. A Bathtub Tray
I intended to put my PC on it and work on my publications lazily while in my bath when someone told me that it could be dangerous for my computer (other than if I make it fall in my bath) so I\’d just use it to read a book in my bath, it\’s just as convenient.

4. Boho sandals, multicolor, braided, leather… I don\’t really care for the brand, these braided slides are from Hollister and they\’re on sale at the moment. They are in turquoise, coral, black and brown and I\’m having a hard time trying to settle on just one pair of sandals !
5. Funko Pop figurines ! So useless but the collections I see on Instagram make me dreamy… Just one is more than €10 so that\’s pretty expensive even more so that I know I would want to buy the Harry Potter , the Hunger Games AND the Game of Thrones collections…
6. That is my must have of the month : the Marlène Grace & GotyMakeup palette. That is a collaboration and I\’ve discovered this palette several days ago and it was already out of stock everywhere – it costs just €16 and seeing how pigmented it is, I understand why it\’s out of stock !

7. Go to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour. I\’ve been there two years ago with my sister and they\’ve added new things since then : being able to visit 4, Privet Drive, the Hogwarts Express and Platform 9 3/4… I do want to taste the Butterbeer ice cream !

8. In extenso I would love to go back to London. This city\’s been a part of me since I\’ve left it and I\’ve been thinking of going back ever since. I\’d love to live there. Life\’s different there, the challenge is different, the makeup brands are different – I\’d start with a trip there first before thinking of settling there.
Photo Courtesy of : Meininger Hotels
What are the things on your current wishlist ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Others wants and needs…

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