[MSC] Khaki & Coral on my Eyes

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

This week\’s Monday Shadow Challenge color is khaki and that\’s pretty great because it\’s one of my favorite colors. As soon as I saw this color on Séverine\’s blog and on the Facebook group, I knew I would work it with color.
I also wanted to wear makeup on my face for this makeup – not always the case. And so I took foundation, blush, highlighter and bronzer out of my drawers to create a soft contouring : I did want to look like myself once I was done with makeup !

Once my face makeup was done, I applied lipbalm and concealer on my lips to prepare them for a trendy Korean gradient lips. I simply used a Miss Cop Orange Crayon Gloss Smoothy lipstick and I poured some transparent Makeup Revolution lipgloss on top of the lipstick.

I\’ve created a very simple eyelook and I think I\’ll do it again often this summer for I love this green/orange mix. Before anything, I defined my eyebrows with a Max & More eyebrow pencil because I just couldn\’t get my hands on my eyebrow set.
I started by applying a matte MUR beige eyeshadow on my upper lid and defined the crease with the Pierre René Professional Gothic Look eyeshadow (the orange one). After that, I applied a khaki Color Edition cream eyeshadow from Bourjois in the inner part of my eyelid up to the center and blended it upwards with my finger.

Then I darkened the outer corner of my eyes with a caramel eyeshadow from Pierre René and lined the lower lashlines with the khaki Metallic Shine eyeshadow from Kiko I talked about yesterday. When all was said and done, I used the They\’re Real mascara : it was the first time I used it and I was really impressed with how curvy it made my stubborn eyelashes look.

I really enjoyed creating this makeup and I surely enjoy looking at it too ; it\’s fresh and light and it will most certainly be on my face a lot this summer – maybe even during the fall. What do you think of it ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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