What I think of Kiko\'s Metallic Shine eyeshadows


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

The first time I saw Kiko\’s Metallic Shine eyeshadows, I knew I had to have them – all of them – pretty much like any new thing, right, blogger friends ? I also knew that this whim – let\’s call a spade a spade – would be quite expensive for each cost €6.90. I\’m certainly not the kind to buy a single eyeshadow that costs more than €5. There are more and more affordable, really pigmented, longlasting eyeshadows from new brands so thanks but no thanks. If I want to go crazy on a makeup item, it would be on an eyeshadow palette – no singles.
So I\’ve been patient, I\’ve waited for Kiko\’s sales, did spend a good €200 on their website but at least, I got them halfprice – all of them.

The Metallic Shine eyeshadows are part of the Rebel Romantic collection – that was definitely one of their most beautiful ranges with the Modern Tribes one (I did miss both though). They\’re in small glass pots with a mirror-like lid. There are also decorations around the glass that make me think tribal rather than romantic : anyhow, I am most certainly in love with them. I\’m a sucker for cream or powder eyeshadows in pots : Cream Crush, Color Tattoo… and now Metallic Shine to complete my collection – my addiction rather.

There are six cutely-named colors in this range : Superb Beige, Absolutely Rose, Strong Chocolate, Mysterious Sapphire, Charming Sage et Dynamic Taupe.
Their texture is surprising and lovely : they\’re creamy powder eyeshadows that remind me of the Marionnaud Ombres soyeuses – they\’re more powdery though.

I\’m crazy about the colors they have in this range but I would have loved for them to have an even bigger range with even crazier shades : yellow, red, orange, turquoise… You can easily wear these during the daytime or in the evenings – as you wish. They\’re really pigmented so you don\’t really need to apply much to get an opaque result and you can easily blend them with your finger or with a brush, even a synthetic one.

Superb Beige is a slightly pink beige, slightly duochrome in its pot but you can only see beige once it\’s on your eyes.
I think Absolutely Rose has slight purple undertones – it\’s a beautiful color that\’s really easy to wear despite this very satin finish they all have.
Strong Chocolate is aptly named : a beautiful, very pigmented chocolate color – I\’d love to eat some of that !

Mysterious Sapphire is a beautiful navy color but I\’ll have some trouble working with this one : I think it\’s pretty hard to apply this kind of dark color, I always end up looking like I had a fight with someone – or the door.
Charming Sage – wow. I was charmed indeed as soon as I opened the eyeshadow ! A beautiful khaki with golden undertones, that\’s exactly what I love !
And the last one is Dynamic Taupe, an interesting shimmery color that looks like silver with some undertons I can\’t define. I could totally wear this during the day – anyway I do wear any color I want, be it in the daytime or the evenings…

They\’re really easy to apply with a synthetic brush even though their texture is almost creamy – still, they\’re also really powdery or so I can say after trying out the beige and kaki eyeshadows : I recommend you apply foundation after you\’ve done your eyemakeup. Without a primer they won\’t last for more than an hour on my eyes and when I use the ELF White primer they\’ll last for 5 to 6 hours without creasing. I\’ve seen better but I think I\’ll forgive them – they\’re so beautiful… I think they\’ll become basics in my makeup collection – have you ever seen more beautiful eyeshadows (yes I know, I say that each time I get a new item) ?

There are still three colors available on the French Kiko website : Mysterious Sapphire, Strong Chocolate and Dynamic Taupe – you should totally go for them since they\’re on sale and cost only €3.40 each ! I do hope Kiko will release some more amazing eyeshadows of the like someday – I do have the Cream Crush ones to try out still ! Do you know these eyeshadows ? Do you feel like trying them out ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

New discoveries…

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