June Favorites


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Hi guys ! June has gone by so fast – of course it did : summer does fly compared to school and workdays, doesn\’t it ? Today\’s about what I loved most during June  No makeup though – who would have known ?
I\’ll start with my now famous Equivalenza Vanilla Body mist (vanilla/orchid/amber actually) – it could as well be in my July, August or any month\’s favs really. It\’s already even been in my May favorites. Actually, I\’ve even made the most out of Equivalenza summer sales and I\’ve already bought a backup – I\’ll be reviewing this baby soon.
Then there\’s my Be Delectable Lemon and Cream Hair and Body mist I\’ve had for ages but I rediscovered it among all my body mists just a few days ago. The scent is really fresh and sugary and since it doesn\’t last very long (don\’t expect to smell it after wearing it all day) I like just being able to spritz it on my hair to smell its gourmet scent.
Equivalenza Vanilla Body Mist & Be Delectable Hair & Body Mist Lemon & Cream, Equivalenza, Equivalenza Body mist, Brume corporelle Equivalenza, Brume equivalenza, avis equivalenza, brume equivalenza avis

I\’ll add to that three hydrating products. All three smell like summer, pure sugary scents I love and I feel really confident when wearing them when I\’m going out. I love Hollister so much that some of their products had to be expected in my favs this month ! No body mists though (O.o) but their two body lotions I also have in shower gels and body mists and I\’ll talk about soon : Crescent Bay and Solana Beach.
Then, a new summer creation by the brand Equivalenza again : the Passionfruit Ice Lip Balm I\’ll write about in the next few days.
Hollister Body Lotion Crescent Bay & Solana Beach and Equivalenza Ice Lip Balm PassionFruit
Still in the summer topic, I\’ll add to that my new Superdry shoes I bought in the magasins d\’usine in Troyes for €9 before the summer sales began. They\’re navy with silvery sewn stars and they\’re very comfortable – I could walk in them for hours (that makes me think of Forrest Gump) : I love them !

There are two TV shows in my favs this month : Orange is the New Black and its long-awaited fourth season… I\’m watching it little by little lest I would finish it too soon – like Games of Thrones, one year\’s a long time to wait… Fortunately (or unfortunately), Netflix does release all the eps at the same time !

The TV Show Review is THE discovery of the month. Forrest MacNeil is a man who reviews stuff – not movies, not books – not makeup like I do. He reviews life experiences. He\’s asked what it feels like to steal so he steals things to see what it feels like. What if feels like to be a drug addict ? He does drugs and then rates it and reviews what it\’s like. This is a true must watch – a great discovery that already has two seasons available.

My last favorite of the month is the software Excel. For a long time it was annoying to plan my articles ahead and Excel has just made my life so much easier ! I can plan which posts I\’m going to write and publish for the week or even the month ahead – it\’s really convenient to be able to change the date I\’m going to publish a blog in a click. Excel is now one of the first softwares I open when I start my computer and I feel less stressed out now that I know what I\’m going to publish ahead !

What are your own June favorites ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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