Hollister Mango Sunrise & Passion Fruit Dreams Body Mists

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

It\’s no secret that I am in love with Hollister\’s body mists. I have written about them twice now, here with the core collection last year and here a few days ago with five short run body mists.
I\’ve noticed how quickly their body mists are sold out so I decided to write this post quickly to let you know about their latest creations : Mango Sunrise and Passion Fruit Dreams. They\’re not available on the website as of now but I know Hollister often restocks their short run body mists before they\’re gone for good. If you want, you can still buy them in a Hollister store.

This time, I\’ve decided to write this post quickly before they\’re gone for good because they\’re Short Run – which means they stay online for a few weeks and then they\’re gone. I\’ve ordered them on the 20th, they were dispatched on the 22nd and I got them on the 24th in the morning. Got them in the same week I ordered them, is it possible for a delivery coming from the Netherlands on a truck to arrive any quicker ?

As usual they are 236 mL hard plastic bottles and the design is attractive, a gradient beach backgroun with the name of the brand in white. I really like the red and yellow packaging with the palm trees over the blue one though for it reminds me of the summer.
Mango Sunrise

I didn\’t think I would, but Mango Sunrise is the one I like the least between the two. It\’s a mix of mango, pineapple, honeysuckle and blonde woods. I can really smell the mango, unfortunately I can smell the honeysuckle really well too – I hate this scent and I think it\’s too bad it spoils the fruity side of the body mist.

After a few hours when the scent has settled on my skin, I can smell only the mango and forget about the bit of honeysuckle remaining in the scent. This body mist doesn\’t have a long wearing time – one or two hours max on my skin. I would have loved for Hollister to create a very fruity scent with mango and pineapple without this honeysuckle background I dislike and that logically disappoints me.

Passion Fruit Dreams
I like this packaging less than Mango Sunrise\’s just because of the big \”California H.Co\” on the front of the bottle. On the other hand I do love how fruity this body mist smells : a mix of mandarin, peach nectar and golden musk. The scent is very feminine and sugary – yet it\’s more sugary than tangy as is Silver Strand Beach, a very fizzy scent. I can smell a mix of tropical fruits that I really love and the fact that there\’s musk in it makes it smell almost like a perfume.
Not only do I love the scent of this one but also how long it lasts : I can smell it a 6 good hours on my skin after I\’ve sprayed it on. Just pay attention to not spritz too much on so it doesn\’t get sickening.

I think Hollister intended Mango Sunrise to be worn in the daytime on the beach and Passion Fruit Dreams in the evenings – that\’s what the packaging, the scent and the weartime of these suggests. I am really happy I got to try these out with the online offer Buy 2 get 2 free which is still available, by the way. I recommend you check out their website often to finally get your hands on these, meanwhile I\’m really excited to know what new scents Hollister is creating for the months to come !

Do you know the Hollister body mists ? Have you tried these and do you have any body mist brands to recommend ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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2 thoughts on “Hollister Mango Sunrise & Passion Fruit Dreams Body Mists

  1. Elles donnent tellement envie ! J'utilisais pas de brumes corporelles et puis j'en ai acheté récemment chez BBW qui sont merveilleuses, il faut que j'aille jeter un oeil à celles ci. Merci pour ton article ! Par contre y'a un p'tit soucis, l'article s'affiche quand on passe par hellocoton mais quand je me suis rendue directement sur ton blog, lorsque que je cliquais sur un article, il ne s'affichait pas. Je sais pas si c'est moi qui m'y suis mal prise ou si il y a un soucis. Je préfère te le dire au cas où. Merci pour ton article, bonne journée !


  2. J'en ai quelques unes de chez BBW qui sont super aussi, ah la la… le problème étant qu'ils en sortent tout le temps des nouvelles et que pendant les soldes elles coûtent presque rien…Pour l'affichage du blog, je n'ai remarqué aucun souci quand j'ai essayé moi-même ^^\” Je vais voir mais je ne pense pas que ça vienne du blog ! :DGros bisous et je suis ravie de t'avoir fait découvrir celles-ci !


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