5 Blogs I discovered… and loved in June 2016


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Last month I started a new category on Tissam Est Là, Blogs I discovered… and loved : a small selection of blogs I really enjoyed reading during the month, thanks to which I\’ve learned some things, from which I\’ve read several posts because they were really interesting and well written, because the design was really beautiful, because the pictures had this personal touch I love finding in new blogs… Today I\’ll be talking about four French blogs I discovered in June and one American blog I seem to be reading a lot. I know, I did say I\’d try to find more English blogs but I just seem to be reading more French blogs than English ones. Meanwhile, you have probably noticed I\’ve been using a smaller font for the last three or four posts : what do you think about it ? Is it easy to read or would you rather I brought the old big font back ?
Citron Roux
Citron Roux is the blog of a Paris-based girl named Jessica and her blog is the sweetest thing. It\’s about bodycare, makeup and fashion – a lot of traveling too. I got to know her blog thanks to her post about her Hollister body mists and body lotion she published last year. I love the way she takes her pictures, her blog is simple and still, there\’s much of her personality in it.
Bérengère in Wonderland
I discovered Bérengère\’s blog with her post Where to find and discover talented bloggers ?. Just like Jessica\’s, her blog is sweet and there\’s much of her personality in it – I just appreciate not having an all-white blog before my eyes from time to time. I love her ability to be honest and say when she\’s disappointed in something she tried – this is a valuable quality !
I think I discovered Ludivine\’s blog thanks to her Beauty sales haul. She\’s a blogger who lives in the same part of France I do. Her blog is a pure beauty, her design is very well-thought. I love how she edits her pictures : they\’re chic and innocent with cartoon-like fonts and sometimes even swatches in the picture – I love it. You\’ll understand what I mean when you see her Beauty haul.
Brèves au féminin
Wow, Marion\’s blog is a beauty queen. She\’s a young student who wants to do the exact same thing I do : study digital communication and specialize in community management ! I love her blog, she makes me want to read each and every post she publishes, even bodycare posts I usually don\’t care about. Her pictures are simple and beautiful and many posts of hers are worth reading when you understand French, like her 5 objects that make my life easier. I especially like her category What I liked this week, a kind of favorites post that she publishes each week and that\’s a mix of beauty, exhibitions, food, bodycare, blogging… Her strength is being able to mix different topics together. She\’s a very interesting girl and seeing as I love reading favorites posts at the end of the month, I love reading one at the end of every week even more !
Nouveau Cheap
This is the english blog I was talking about : Nouveau Cheap. We only know the blogger as G.. She\’s been writing since 2009 and shares a lot of posts about drugstore products and makeup. Many of her posts are about things and supermarkets we don\’t have over here in France ; Target, Ulta… but still, I enjoy seeing what new thing she\’s talking about and see the coupon codes she shares – just for the heck of it. Sometime I find something on her blog that I can actually find on EBay US and then I\’m happy. She writes very often on her blog and it\’s actually a really good one you should check out to be in the know about new releases, sales and so on.
Do you know one or several of these blogs ? What do you think of them ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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