A lunch at Chez Bouchra – A taste of Morocco in Troyes


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Yesterday I had lunch in a restaurant I used to eat in all the time two or three years ago but haven\’t had lunch in in a long time because I wanted to discover some new things. The restaurant Les saveurs du Maroc – Chez Bouchra in Troyes is an excellent moroccan restaurant – probably the best moroccan in town. I\’ve been there with a friend and I\’ve chosen my usual dish, a homemade couscous while he\’s had lamb skewers with French fries. Let\’s get some visuals and info about this awesome lunch…
Saveurs du Maroc – Chez Bouchra
This restaurant has opened several years ago in Troyes close to the Halles downtown. Its situation is perfect and the meat is halal : they buy it off the Bas-Trévois butcher like the restaurant Saveurs d\’Asie does. It\’s a butchery I totally trust and I regularly buy my own meat there.
The cook Bouchra and her husband are really nice and the service is always excellent, may you be coming for the first time or for the twentieth time.
The restaurant is quite simple, the decoration is actually what you expect when you enter a Moroccan restaurant : orange walls, wooden chairs, lights on the walls, many things remind me of Morocco. The forks, knives and glasses are nothing from Morocco though the bright colored glasses match the colorful restaurant – but the quality of the food will make you forget that quickly.

After we chose our meal from a reasonably-priced menu – this is definitely homemade food, you can see and taste it ! -, the boss brought us some peanuts and olives so we could wait and eat a bit before our meal. You can find the menu here.

About 15 minutes after we ordered, our dishes arrived. My friend ordered lamb skewers : I don\’t like lamb so I can\’t tell you if they were good or not – according to him, they were. Anyway, they looked pretty delicious.

I asked my friend to take fries as a side dish – he could have chosen rice or green beans if he wanted to. However, I knew they are good in this restaurant with their dress still on. They were hot and crispy but there was too much salt on them this day. Next time I\’ll definitely tell the boss to put less salt on them.
I think that for a €13.50-dish, each skewer was pretty expensive – especially seeing as I\’ve eaten almost all of my friend\’s fries. Of course we shared my couscous and this was a pretty large dish, large enough for two !
A homemade couscous
There are different couscous dishes in Saveurs du Maroc, it just depends on what meats you want in it. I\’ve chosen a \”couscous maison\” with a chicken skewer, kefta and a merguez. I got my dish in three parts : semolina, meats and vegetables then I could fix my meal myself.
The semolina was perfectly cooked and I could taste the butter the cook used to work it, I loved it. The veggies were extra fresh, I could taste it in the zucchini and chickpeas.

I was actually surprised when the meat dish came because I seem to recall that a few years back, I paid €15.50 for more meat in my plate. Anyhow, even though the plate seems light in meat, it is excellent and the spices mixed together are perfect – to be honest, I did have some trouble eating up those 7 pieces of meat – which is why I still recommend this dish. This will be more than enough with the veggies and semolina : more would be too much.
My favorite meat is chicken so I naturally preferred this one among the three : it was in whole pieces, the spices were good and it was barbecued. The keftas (a mix of spices and ground beef meat) were also pretty amazing but although I loved them, I think next time I\’ll get a chicken-only couscous.

If you decide to take a shot at Chez Bouchra, you should definitely get their bricks (briwats) : chicken, ground beef meat and tuna. They have this set of 2 of each for two at €10 and they\’re just perfect. The only reason I didn\’t take them yesterday is because I can\’t eat everything – this happens in every restaurant.
If you\’re a Moroccan cuisine lover, you\’ll taste real work and real pleasure in Bouchra\’s dishes – you should totally check them out when you\’re in Troyes !

Chez Bouchra
6 rue Pithou, 10000 Troyes
Horaires :
Lundi au samedi : 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Vendredi et samedi : 6:45 pm – 9:30 pm
Telephone Number : 0033980444247

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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