Putting an end to brush-cleaning chores with a Brushegg*



Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I don\’t recall where I\’ve first seen this ; on a blog, on YouTube, on Google Images maybe ? I have a tremendous amount of makeup brushes – and a tremendous lack of patience when it comes to cleaning them. Cleaning them in the palm of my hand with soap after dark looks is even longer (and worse).

The third item I\’ve chosen in partnership with Born Pretty Store is the €2.99 Brushegg. When you order it online, there\’s no way you can choose the color of the product : you may get a pink one, a blue one, a purple one… I was lucky to find the pink one I wanted in my parcel.
It is a simple item made of smooth rubber with its name Brushegg in relief at the back and it can be held perfectly in the palm of one\’s hand. Comfortable little thing.
On the other side, there are slots and small spikes studied to clean the brushes easily and quickly with water : when you go back and forth with the brush on the surface (I use soap too), the dirty water runs down the slots of the Brushegg : it is satisfying to see the running water become clean for it shows whether the brush is clean too.

I am very happy for that\’s one of those things that look like gadgets and turn out to be really useful day after day. Who is in a hurry to clean their brushes after using them, really ?

I\’m a lazy one when it comes to that and cleaning my many blending brushes has become a game rather than a weekly chore – even if it\’s still not something I love doing. If you want to get this even cheaper, here is my 10% off promo code : HIT10.
Do you know this Brushegg ? What do you clean your brushes with ? Do you have any tricks to ease this no-so-lovely moment ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

*This item was sent by the brand to be reviewed. I did not pay for it.

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