Limited Editions : Boomerang Effect or Guaranteed Success ?



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While the title of this post may seem cleanly journalistic and professional, this article is about my opinion about limited editions – these phenomenal incomes of money for brands.

Contextualization of the thing
Since the beginning of this month, I\’ve gone no-buy. The people closest to me and those who know me from my YouTube time (over since January) know that\’s very hard for me. I would buy anything that\’s colorful, that\’s my size, that\’s on sale and I seldom use the products I\’ve bought then. However on I go buying new stuff. It\’s a frenzy I have much difficulties stopping.
I have a dozen Kiko Cream lipsticks that are still neatly in their box. I wanted to write an article about them and Kiko discontinued them – should I write my post even though no one\’s going to be able to buy them or should I finally allow myself to use them ?

While I\’m in a no-buy period, I can\’t seem to be able to stop surfing on makeup websites, not only the usual ones like Maquillailia but also others on which I\’ve never even spent one cent like Asos, The Beautyst (who are never seeing one cent of mine given the awfully high prices they have), Paul & Joe Beauté (fortunately they don\’t have an e-shop anymore)…

Growing aware ?
And so yesterday I found myself on the H&M Beauty tab. I want so many things that I had forgotten they would release a very nice limited edition summer collection, Global Fusion. Among other things, I found that the beautiful metallic cream eyeshadows were still available, each at €5.99. So I bought all of them and to ease my conscience I also bought a dress for €9. I wanted to tell myself this wasn\’t a vain purchase and even searched for a promo code on the Internet. Total : almost €40 of products I didn\’t need because, oh, there, I found 12 Cream Crush cream eyeshadows from Kiko in one of my makeup drawers… which were on sale when I bought them and that I wanted more than anything in the world… and that I never opened after swatching them once.

It is useful to say that I was strong afterwards : I called the H&M customer service one hour after ordering online and got my order cancelled.

In the evening, one of my Instagram followers contacted me and asked me if I\’d seen Kiko\’s new limited edition collection (they are pros when it comes to limited editions !) – something about Games, Beauty Games, something like that. I\’d been on the eshop in the morning and hadn\’t seen it so I went on the website and found cheap prices compared to some other brands – still, the prices are pretty high compared to the usual Kiko prices – those who know Kiko well know what I mean. It\’s the same with every new Kiko limited edition, it seems : the prices of the last one, Wanderlust left me dumbfounded, especially when I saw how trivial the collection was.

Is it because I have plans (that I\’ll write about next month I think) that I spend less money ?
It makes me dizzy to see that many limited editions everywhere and as I big spender always on the lookout for new stuff, I don\’t know where to start and where to finish.
Too Faced\’s Sweet Peach palette, Kiko\’s Wanderlust collection, H&M\’s Global fusion, The Body Shop\’s Piñita Colada, M.A.C. & Giambatista Valli, M.A.C. & the Simpsons, M.A.C. & Ellie Goulding, M.A.C. Vibe Tribes… Did you know M.A.C. even has a smokey eyeshadow palette created just for Ramadan, part of a collection called Eid Mubarak ?
Questions, my questions, do they have answers ?
I wonder if all these collections from all these brands sell well. I assume they do, if you make choices – buy the new Réserve naturelle Cheesecake & Cookie Dough perfumes (yeah, they\’re online in limited edition) and not the Piñita Colada body butter, buy the Sweet Peach palette and nothing else even though you want them… Or maybe I\’m spoilt and I don\’t want to make any choices and buy everything ?
I assume these collections sell well : there wouldn\’t be a next one if the last one wasn\’t successful, right ?

By dint of offering newer, newer and newest stuff to the average woman (still a major consumer in the makeup marketplace), don\’t brands face a boomerang effect with people becoming less interested in the brand ?
I\’m getting sick of these limited editions very quickly these days, especially at Kiko\’s : I feel attacked from all sides by these brands trying to get a few more customers. Is it their fault ? I don\’t think so for the goal of any company is to live on and make profit : they\’ll do anything they can to swallow our scholarship or our wages. As a blogger and big spender even though I shouldn\’t be, I spend even more money when I see some attractive new collection – as many do, I guess. Creating a frustration feeling when we\’ve not been able to get this amaaaaaazing Simpsons & M.A.C. palette that will NEVER be released again for it\’s a once in a lifetime shot ! Creating a feeling that we\’re lucky, superior even when you\’ve been able to get your hands on the latest M.A.C. mauve Hot Chocolate lipstick that will never be sold again… (not my case, couldn\’t get my hands on this one).

Anyway, I would love to get the opinion of my sweet readers : what do you think of limited editions ? What feelings and thoughts do they inspire ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    En fait, quand on y songe, presque toutes les collections ont toujours été en édition limitée, depuis toujours. Mais maintenant, on l'affiche pour créer l'affolement. Et je ne parle même pas des faux petits tirages, comme la Sweet Peach, d'abord sortie à quelques exemplaires, puis retirée ad libitum.Donc, tu as eu raison d'annuler ton panier. On doit toujours faire l'effort de se calmer et de se demander si on en a vraiment besoin et vraiment envie avant d'acheter.Bises


  2. Anonymous says:

    Tu m'as fait réfléchir sur le fait que toutes les collections ont toujours été en édition limitée : c'est bien vrai !C'est assez stressant, ce mode de consommation jetable et renouvelable tellement vite… qu'on en perd la valeur des choses :(Bises à toi!


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