Nail Art for dummies : 2 life-changing, less-than-$3 Born Pretty products*


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Before I go to sleep, I like watching Instagram\’s nail art videos : some Instagramers are really talented and make really colorful, artistic stuff. Watching those short vids is a way to snatch tricks and tips so I can improve too : even though I am not a big nail polish wearer (is that even a word ?) and I\’m really impatient (I hate waiting for the nail polish to dry !), I love having beautiful customized nails.

Born Pretty Store has offered me to try out some of their products and I\’ve chosen 4 – among which, I\’ve chosen pretty quickly two goodies you often see lately in nail art videos. Two products for dummies, perfect for beginners who want to show beautiful nail designs !

Liquid Peel Off Tape or liquid latex by Born Pretty – $2.99
If you follow some of the nail art Instagramers, you might have already seen many variations of the now famous Mess No More product : liquid latex to apply around the nail before you stamp a large pattern or create a watercolor design and to peel off as easily as you\’d take a sock off – the result is neat and pretty.

This kind of peel off latex usually comes in two formats, a pen or a nail polish – on Born Pretty Store I seem to recall there\’s only nail polish format bottles. The white one I\’ve chosen contains 15 mL and costs €2.99.

While it\’s still wet, it\’s white and it dries in about 2 minutes – you can easily see when it\’s dry for it becomes transparent then.

There\’s no nail polish odor (since it\’s not nail polish). There\’s no scent unless you have your nose close to the bottle, only then will you smell a not-so-lovely scent. Still, it\’s not intoxicating nor strong.

Born Pretty\’s Clear Stamper & Scraper – $2.99
I have four or five stampers, some small and some large – but before long I grasped with my lopsided patterns that an opaque stamper was definitely not for me. Seeing as clear stampers looked very convenient on Instagram, I chose a kit including a clear stamper and a scraper that costs $2.99.

The stamper and the scraper are made of the same matte plastic and there\’s a see-through silicone head on one side of the stamper.

First use, the stamper doesn\’t, well, stamp anything. I recommend you use an eraser or a file to erase the smooth pellicula on top (that you can\’t see but you can feel). Once you\’ve filed the stamper, it will become a bit sticky like the famous MoYou London ones – that\’s exactly what I like to use for the pattern is perfect afterwards.

My first attempt with a Konad nail polish. I still have to file the silicone a bit more to get perfect patterns. After everything has dried (nail polish + latex), all you have to do left is take tweezers to take off the surplus – as easily as a sock as I said above.
So yeah – I might have forgotten to share the picture of the final nail art (yeah, right, forgotten). It works amazingly well but I\’ve been one too many times impatient and the nail polishes weren\’t dry : when I applied topcoat to the blue nail polish, the pattern faded a bit and when I took the latex off my bicolor nail, some of the pink nail polish (a beautiful Wet\’n\’Wild Fast Dry one) in the center took off as well. Not so pretty and my ego definitely doesn\’t want me to share this shameful pic.

I am in love with these cool items – I wanted them, I got them and I hope to create some beautiful nail arts for this long awaited summer. If you wish to buy the stamper/scraper kit or the Peel Off liquid latex, Born Pretty has given me the occasion to share a promo code with you, my very own promo code which is HIT10. So amazing.
Do you know of these products for dummies ? Have you ever tried these ? Do you have any tips or tricks to share to create nail designs even more easily ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

*These products were sent by the brand to be reviewed. I didn\’t pay for them.

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