My Warm June Wishlist

My Super warm June Wishlist


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

First day of June, yeehah ! I\’m starting it with a wishlist filled with the cutest things I\’ve been drooling over during May (the drool was caused by blogger friends, of course) or that I couldn\’t fit in last month\’s wishlist !

I\’ve decided to change two things in the presentation of my wishlists, by the way. I wanted to avoid not being able to fit some things in them (or else you\’d have one large pic and like, 60 products after), so I chose to divide my wishlist posts in several categories : perfume, makeup, clothing
The other small change is that I\’ll still write a mini-description for each product or objet, but shorter than before and not for every product if there\’s just nothing to say about it. 


1. Equivalenza perfumes : the collection of 400~ perfumes (401, 402…) contains the monofragrances : melon, vanilla, coconut… and I yearn for them. I\’ll be waiting for the sales and get some of them. 11€95 for 30 mL.
2. Equivalenza Red fruit and Passionfruit candles. They are so scented that the smell is great even if you\’re in the store ! 9€95.
3. The Body Shop Piñita Colada Body Butter. Imagining the scent from behind my computer screen sucks ! 17€ for 200 mL.
4. The Body Shop Vanilla, Shea, Coconut, Mango and Strawberry body mists. Some think they\’re great, some think the smell\’s not so strong. I like strong scents so I\’ll have to go to the store. 12€ for 100 mL.
5. Kringle Candle Baker\’s Vanilla and Hot Chocolate wax melts. I know it\’s almost summer but I\’ll burn a winter gourmet candle any chance I have ! $3 apiece.
6. Equivalenza Mango, Maracuja and Raspberry body mists. The ones I\’m missing, I\’ll certainly buy them during the sales… Go ahead and smell them if you can !
7. Equivalenza Sponge & Soap Vanilla & Chocolate, Vida Exotica and Rose. Yes I know, I\’m craving a lot of Equivalenza products these days. I\’m crazy about their products.


1. Warm Spectrum, Zoeva. The orange, khaki and purple eyeshadows are really beautiful. 36€.
2. ELF Prism Palettes. The pigmentation rocks and the Sunset version will be perfect for this summer ! 10€.
3. Etude House Ice Van and Juice Cocktail palettes. They\’re very summery and I love the colors they\’ve chosen. And the oh so cute packaging too.
4. Pierre René Professional Blush palette. You all know how much I love Pierre René, I\’ve talked about the brand several times now and their products are always so pigmented ! 60€ on Maquillalia or ~40€ on their official website.
5. Meet Matt(e) Trimony, The Balm. The colors are classic and beautiful. I\’d use the red eyeshadow for the summer soirées.
6. Totally Cute, Too Faced. Perfect for any season !
7. Cocoa Blend, Zoeva. I\’d love to have it. Oh hell ! I\’d love to have all of them.


1. Rouge Edition, Rose Tweed, Bourjois. I already have three shades I can\’t bring myself to open. Don\’t ask me why, but this nudish pink…
2. Arcancil, Mat Hysteria : Mauve Oriental, Jazz Brun de rose, Nude Ballerine, Brun Twist. I\’ll get to them soon ! 12€90 each.
3. Hean Mattense lipstick, in Dolce and Kylie. 3€49 each.


1, 2 et 3. Yoga leggings. I\’ve started practicing yoga for some time now and I really like it ! Numbers 2 and 3 come from AloYoga, they\’re wonderful but they\’re almost a hundred euros ! They seem comfy and I see them all over Instagram.
4. A pink Yoga mat, Decathlon. 29€90.
5. A mat case so I can travel lightly and zen anywhere I go ! 12€99.
What do you think of this wishlist? Have you discovered brands or products you didn\’t know of ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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