[Monday Shadow Challenge #11] Twisted Nude



Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !I\’ve played it smooth for this eleventh Monday Shadow Challenge look : I\’ve chosen to work on my technique and to create a makeup similar to the ones you often see on American girls\’ Instagram accounts.

Golden Brown was an easy color to work with and I\’ve created a daytime look that you could also wear during the night. I\’ve chosen to do something simple and really take my time with each and every element on my face and I find the finished look so simple it\’s actually amazing.
The Eye Makeup

I\’ve used two eyeshadow palettes for this makeup I called Twisted Nude : the Marionnaud Our love is unique palette they released for Valentine\’s Day, a beauty that\’s still on their website and on sale at the moment and the Makeup Revolution  Run Boy Run eyeshadow palette.

I started by defining and intensifying the crease with the two brownish matte eyeshadows from the Run Boy Run (second and third round eyeshadows). I then chose to apply the shimmery brown from Our Love is Unique on the whole of my eyelid except at the center where I applied the beautiful warm gold that\’s close in the palette. I understand it might be pretty difficult to tell which is which on the pictures.

Under my lower lashline, I first wanted to wear some turquoise but then I chose the reddish eyeshadow from the MUR palette to match the color of my lips that I applied and slightly blended.
Then, I applied two or three layers of the Fashion Professional Fat Lash Fibre mascara that would remind anyone of the famous Younique Mascara. I alternated between the mascara and the fibers to get a false-lash look because I actually own no false lashes. That is kind of a bummer when you want to create an American-like makeup look…

To finish the eyelook, I applied some average brown powder from the Pierre René Professional Eyebrow Set, brushed my eyebrows and then blended some of the Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up pencil under them.
Lip Makeup
I applied some of the Yves Rocher macadamia lipbalm and then drew all over my lips with the Max & More Nude Lips lipliner. All I had to do left was applying two coats of my favorite lipstick these days : the Jordana Sweet Cream Matte in Tiramisu, an awesome lipstick that costs less than €5.

Working my face
You know how little I like wearing makeup on my skin. I\’ve made an exception here because I think it\’s impossible to create an american-like makeup without at least some makeup on your face.

I started by applying a layer of the SLA green Skin Primer and my Rimmel BB Cream. Then I applied some W7 Sand Dune blush, a beautiful orangey blush that\’s part of a collection designed for darker-skinned women. After that, I used the MUR Golden Lights highlighter on my cheekbones, between my eyebrows and a bit on my forehead, on my nose bridge, my philtrum and my chin. All I had to do left was applying some Ben Nye Neutral Set transparent powder that I love because it\’s so light.
I am way prouder of this makeup than of other more artistic ones I\’ve created in the past : I didn\’t know what result I would get and I\’m really happy with how beautiful it\’s turned out ! Plus, I have just discovered Photoshop : these pictures have been worked with Photoshop and I think they\’re great even though I still have to learn plenty of things before my articles get even more attractive !
What do you think of this makeup look ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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