Cien\'s Vintage Mauve Nail Lacquer : Chic Spring Color

Cien Nail Polish - Vintage Mauve Nail polish nail lacquer swatch swatches


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Some time ago, I published a review about a nail lacquer from the brand Cien that has been read a lot according to the number of views. It was about the Perfect Nude nail polish – an axquisite brownish beige perfect for any formal occasion such as an interview : chic and not too subtle and perfect for any woman of any age.
As a second review of my Cien nail polishes, I\’ve chosen to show you the very beautiful Vintage Mauve shade from the Lidl cosmetics brand.
Cien Nail Polish - Vintage Mauve

There are two available shapes when it comes to the brand\’s nail lacquers : all that I own are the bottles with a cap of the same diameter as the bottle itself. As a matter of fact I\’ve heard that the ones with smaller bottlenecks are of lesser quality especially when it comes to the opacity of the nail polish.
Vintage Mauve is a really beautiful shade of dark pink with a touch of red, something of an ancient shade that reminds me of pinups. That\’s a shade I might wear most often during spring or winter for it is a subtle, not too bright shade of pink.

Cien Nail Polish - Vintage Mauve
Each Cien nail polish costs €1.99 like any makeup product of the brand as I told you here when I wrote about the Ultra Shiny Lipglosses, excellent scented lipglosses. The Vintage Mauve nail polish contains 11 mL just like the others from the same collection.
Cien Nail Polish - Vintage Mauve
You\’ll only need two layers of nail polish to get a totally opaque finish. I\’ve applied only one layer of Vintage Mauve on my little finger as well as an Etude House transparent nail polish with large golden glitter. You can spot easily how different this nail is from the other three : one layer of Vintage Mauve is not enough to get a perfect finish.
Cien Nail Polish - Vintage Mauve

If you\’re like me and hate waiting for a nail polish to dry, you\’re going to be happy : in addition to the perfect opacity of the color, the Cien nail polishes dry quickly be it the first or the second layer.
The only thing almost anyone will dislike is that these are not longlasting without a topcoat. If you\’re not a devotee to the sandwich manicure with a base and a topcoat, you\’ll see the nail polish chip at the tip of your nails after 2 days tops especially if you\’re often washing the dishes or the kids.
This is why I strongly recommend you also buy their transparent base/topcoat nail polish : that\’s one of the best I have and it is great value seeing as the price is also €1.99. Thanks to this, your nail polish will easily last for 5 to 6 days.

Cien Nail Polish - Vintage Mauve

I\’m always really excited about the Cien nail polishes : I love how many colors they have, how longlasting they get with the Cien topcoat, how fast they dry and how opaque they get after two layers.
Although I\’d love for Cien to release new shades, the available range is wide for a hard discount store with about 15 to 20 feminine shades. Vintage Mauve won me over the day I first saw it. Up on its shelf, it was begging me to take it home. Try it out and see how beautiful it is for a sunny spring day !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Anonymous says:

    *___* Cette couleur est parfaite, j'adore et le détails des paillettes j'aime trop ❤


  2. Anonymous says:

    J'aime tellement cette couleur ! Cien sort de jolies couleurs en ce qui concerne les vernis ! :DGros bisous !


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