Bagelstein : Quick and Gourmet Lunch in Bonne Nouvelle, Paris



Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I\’m not as fond as fastfood restaurants as I used to be several years back. However, I do appreciate getting my food fast – if it\’s tasty, it\’s even better.
I\’ve discovered the Bagelstein restaurants by chance : I applied for a job in one of their restaurants and I stayed behind to taste their cheesecake. Any place that sells a cheesecake will catch my attention – it\’s almost fatal. Several weeks ago, I went back to Bagelstein : the one in Bonne Nouvelle, not far from Strasbourg Saint-Denis where I often go when I want to buy new makeup at Cookie\’s Makeup. Besides the excellent hosting and service, the entire meal got me like Wow! and I eventually asked some questions to the manageress. Take some time to look at these pictures I\’ve taken and maybe you\’ll want to go there in your turn…

I\’ve tasted bagels for the first time in Best Bagels in Lyon. I didn\’t really like this kind of food : it was the first time and the lukewarm bagel surprised me. However, I really loved Bagelstein\’s cheesecake so I gave a second chance to the small bread with a hole in it. Plus, it was way past noon and I was hungry !


I recommend you go to the Bonne Nouvelle franchise because I\’ve had the most amazing service – with a smile ! Too many restaurants and stores overlook smiling and end up losing customers. Smiling in a business has become an exception and I like rewarding a good behavior.

What is Bagelstein ?
After I talked a bit with the boss, I understood some very important things about this franchise. The Bonne Nouvelle restaurant opened in March 2014 because the manageress really appreciated two things in this chain : freshness and humor.

Jokes on the restroom door, on the receipt, on the walls… Fun and friendly.

Merchants and Cooks
In the restaurants, you\’ll only find people with a trading background who\’ve always been in contact with customers – not cooks. The \”laboratory\” is located in the outskirts of Paris, a huge kitchen in which there are only cooks. Everything is \”homemade\” there, even desserts. Makes me dreamy. The only thing that\’s not made by the cooks are the donuts : they\’re bought from an English provider who is specialised in frozen donuts. Everyone has a specific role in this chain of restaurants and it\’s working pretty well – given how amazing the food tastes.

Every afternoon at around 5 or 6 pm, the boss orders the food for the day after : she knows how much food she sells so she can order only what is needed. That way, no food is wasted and thrown away. Every morning, they get ultra fresh products that wait for customers to buy them…

Decoration made in Bagelstein
The decoration is a mix of modern, humour and friendly things. I love the drawings on the menu : I\’ve seen several foreigners in the restaurants and you know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

My lunch at Bagelstein Bonne Nouvelle
I\’ve chosen the Isidore bagel : a vegetarian bagel filled with cream cheese, dried tomatoes, mozzarella, salad and marinated sweet peppers. I\’ve also taken a Minute Maid beverage and a cheesecake.
This bagel is serious dope ! You can choose whichever bread type you want among several : wholemeal bread, cereal bread… which is the one I\’ve chosen. I couldn\’t finish my bagel : if I had eaten all of it, I couldn\’t have eaten my cheesecake ! You know how greedy I am : nothing must come between a (good) cheesecake and I.
This is one of the best I\’ve ever tasted – if not the very best. The Cheesecake. It has a mousse texture, it\’s compact and creamy, a pure delight. A piece of cheesecake costs €3.80 and that\’s actually a very good price seeing as it\’s way better and tastier than Factory & Co\’s which costs a bit more.
All I had ever tasted from Bagelstein was their cheesecake (and a cookie) but now I know how delicious their bagels are and I\’m definitely going back there ! I love how many desserts they have and the fact that they have several bagels for people who don\’t eat meat (tuna, salmon and veggie) make it a go-to restaurant to me ! I\’ve paid a bit less than €12 for my meal and the cheesecake wasn\’t even in the menu ! The price is great and all I want to do is go back there A.S.A.P. !
Bagelstein Bonne Nouvelle
25 Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle
75002 Paris
Subway Station : Bonne Nouvelle

Monday through Saturday : 9 am to 11 pm
Sunday : 9 am to 8 pm
Phone # :

Have you ever eaten at a Bagelstein restaurant ? What do you recommend I try ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ca a l'air tellement bon !!! J'irais tester pour le coup 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh la la mais je te le recommande tellement… Ca me donne l'eau à la bouche de revoir ces photos ! ^^(Dis donc, ce n'est pas toi qui m'a mis un commentaire sur les rouges à lèvres hydratants Golden Rose ? Je ne retrouve plus le comm ni la personne car c'était un anonyme ! ^^)Bisous !


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