Last purchases at Noz and Action [April 2016]


A new haul for a new day ! I seem to like going to the Action store less and less because it seems like there\’s not often new products. On the other hand, I love going to Noz where anything new you find is like a treasure because everything is just so messed up there.
This haul here is the result of two or three visits to each store and you\’ll see everything I\’ve bought : beauty products, bodycare, books, food… Enjoy ! 

Stationery and creative leisures
Several months ago, I bought labels packs that cost around 30 or 40 cents but they took them off the shelves and only just got back so when I saw them, I bought several packs because I\’m going to need them soon for some presents. That\’s too bad that most of them have patterns on them though.

€0.99 for a 5-pen PaperMate pack : green, brown, turquoise, fuchsia and purple.
The Chalkboard paint cost less than 2 euros and there\’s a white one, a pink one and a blue one.

The last stationery product I got was adhesive paint because everytime I need some I can\’t find it ! The pack cost about €1.50.

Then I got some bodycare products : a €2.99 750 mL Dove shower gel bottle and a €1.99 Timotei Nutrition Intense shampoo bottle.

Colgate Medium Toothbrush : €0.99
Xana Deodorant : €0.99
TeddyCare Baby Wipes : about €1

Food and Beverage
I\’m a sucker for fruit juice of all kinds and I\’m always looking for some new mixes. I\’ve bought several bottles from two different brands : Fruits from the Rainforest and 100%. I\’ll be publishing seperate posts about these because they\’re really excellent natural fruit juices.

The three Fruits from the Rainforest 1-liter bottles cost 99 cents apiece. The first one is Orange/Banana/Passionfruit, the second one is Orange/Pineapple/Coconut and the last one is a mix of Orange, mango and Guanabana, a fruit I\’d never even heard of.

The three 100% bottles on the left cost 99 cents for 500 mL and the three ones on the right cost 99 cents a pack of three 200 mL bottles.

The one-liter 100% fruit juice bottles cost 99 cents apiece too and the two smaller bottles on the right are less than one euro each. These are super concentrated syrup. The one on the left is a mix of Apple and Blackcurrant and the other one tastes of Strawberry and Watermelon.

Organic Products from Action
That\’s right, I discovered not long ago that Action had a line of organic products so I bought some : first, a 100% organic muesli pack with nothing added.
From left to right, there\’s a mixed nut butter (hazelnuts, nuts and peanuts), coconut sugar that tastes a bit like coffee, 100% Organic Coconut oil that I use all the time of my face (oil baths or as a facecream) and dried goji berries.
Each product costs between €2 and €3.50 which is a pretty great price for organic stuff ! 
I found a Youstar eyeshadow + lipgloss palette that cost €3.99. Apparently Youstar is a German brand sold at Douglas stores but that\’s what I found on the Internet so it may not be correct. I found a palette that was already open in the store so I swatched some eyeshadows and decided I would take one as the pigmentation was pretty good. The only thing I hate about it is the plastic smell of the eyeshadows.
What I really like about Noz stores is how they make it possible for us to find British beauty brands that you can\’t otherwise get your hands on : Collection (2000), Technic… This time I found some pretty great stuff from Beauty UK and I was very happy as I\’ve been wanting to try this beauty brand for ages now ! 

I chose a matte bronzer (€1.40), a brown nail lacquer (85 cents), a khaki-toned eyeshadow palette (about one euro) and really cute nail wraps for about one euro too.

Then I also bought a green 99-cent mascara, a black eyeliner gel for the same price, three Neon Dust pots I\’m really excited about (60 cents each !!!), a 10-eyeshadow palette for €1.20 I\’m also really excited about and a Posh Pout, a lilac lipstick jumbo for about one euro.

I came by later and bought two Collection nail polishes from the Gothic Glam collection (a burgundy one and a dark sparkly blue one, 85 cents apiece), three Miss Den lipsticks from the Rouge Velours collection for €1.99 apiece and a set of fake eyeliner patches for €0.60. I\’ve been meaning to try makeup patches for a long time now so I\’m glad these were cheap ! My last beauty purchase was a pack of hair clips I got for 50 cents.

House products
The first thing I bought is a London-themed bath mat I\’m in love with. There were so many different mats and they were all really cute but unfortunately that\’s the kind of thing that you only buy one of.
A pack of 4 Microfibre Cloths for about €2.
A Floating Rubber Duck Tea Infuser for €1.
Several packs of incense sticks : Tropical Garden, Cotton and Red Fruit going from about €2 to €4. The two heart-shapes frames cost 60 cents and I think they\’re really cute !
The first book I bought is a mystery book, Size Doesn\’t Matter by Meg Cabot that cost about 50 cents or €1.

Two recipe books : Chocolate recipes and Magical Recipes from the Maghreb. They cost €6 to begin with but I got them with an 80% off discount so they were pretty cheap and I was pretty happy about that !
The last book I bought in Noz was a book which title can roughly be translated by : The Store of the Toast that always lands NOT butter side down. It cost about one euro and it seems to be a kids\’ book but it\’s actually science oriented in a funny way. I can\’t wait to read it !
My last purchase, I\’m in love with it : my first pair of Potomac shoes. It\’s an ecofriendly Spanish brand and I love everything about these shoes : the suede, the label on the rear, the color that\’s perfect for spring and summer days… I paid €8.99 for them so that was a great bargain ! 
I\’m really happy with everything I bought in both shops. It\’s so hard to stop when you\’ve decided to go shopping… and even harder when the prices are discount ! 

What do you think of what I bought ? Do you often go to these stores ?
Other purchases at Noz & Action !
Max & More Lipstick & Lipliner in Nude Lips and Dark Red

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