Get to know the Nissa Beauty Wax Melts – My Mini-Haul*

Nissa Beauty Wax Melts : Tartelettes, Fondants, Tablettes & Candles


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I am a big fan of scented candles. Even more than the sight of the dancing flames in the spring wind – I\’m such a poet today !, I appreciate being able to choose a soothing or mouth-watering scent according to the mood I\’m in.
However, I\’ve encountered a problem with Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candle products : most of the candles I\’ve burnt did not keep their promises very well and the scent was too faint, almost inexistent. I am always looking for new bodycare, cosmetics or candle brands. Instagram is one of the best places to promote a fresh business, an indie brand, a new and ecofriendly concept.
One day, I found some pictures of Nissa Beauty creations and seeing the positive comments under her photos, I became more and more interested in her products. I was right – here are the first products I\’ve chosen.

Nissa Beauty is a young woman who has started her own candle business about a year ago. She mostly creates wax melts of different sizes and candles which scents vary according to how she feels. Her prices are among the lowest on the Internet : €1.40 a wax melt of about 15g. On Saturdays, between 8 pm and 10 pm, she launches flash sales with wax melts at €1 instead of €1.40 and that works just fine.

In her store, there are also wax melts warmers as well as packs of two or three scents with a wax melt warmer, packs of three wax melts, packs with wax melts with a musk or a religious book… I love the fact that she offers a lot of scents and I was enthusiastic when I saw she has a lot of greedy and fruity candles.
Nissa Beauty Wax Melts : Tartelettes, Fondants, Tablettes & Candles
Nissa Beauty ships mostly to France, Belgium and Switzerland but if you\’re from another country and wish to make an order, that\’s possible too ! 
I think the shipping fees are affordable : if you buy 10 wax melts for a destination in France, the shipping fees will be around €4.50. I have gotten my wax melts in a \”Lettre suivie\”, meaning Anissa has bought a number that she gives you so you can know where your stuff is. 
Nissa Beauty Wax Melts : Tartelettes, Fondants, Tablettes & Candles
A candle must be as natural as possible to me. Lots of people don\’t know that most candles are made with paraffin, an oil derivative that you get in refinery. When this derivative burns, it would release a small number of carcinogenic substances. I am not one who\’s amused when she smells petroleum burning !

All the candles and wax melts made by Nissa Beauty are made from organic soy wax with natural Grasse perfume and wicks in cotton (if there\’s a need for a wick). Don\’t you feel attracted to such a composition ?!
There are several formats available in the store :
– the wax melts (\”tartelettes\”) weigh about 15g and cost €1.40. There are several lovely shapes as you can see here
– The Fondants (in the shape of a half-sphere) are sold exclusively in packs of 4. They cost €4 for 10g apiece.
– The Tablettes (in the shape of a chocolate bar, vaguely) are in plastic packs and cost €8 for 70 to 80g of wax.
– The candles\’ price varies according to the weight and the weight varies according to the container.
Nissa Beauty Wax Melts : Tartelettes, Fondants, Tablettes & Candles
I\’m a really greedy girl and so I\’ve chosen some mouthwatering scents : chocolate, banana and butter biscuit. The latter seemed really popular in her Instagram comments.
I got my parcel very quickly : Anissa sent it on a Thursday and it was in my hands the following Monday. The first thing I said to myself was : \”Wow, you can really smell the wax melts through the envelope !\”. Once I opened it, I found the melts to be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and then in gift paper so the wax melts wouldn\’t fall out of them. There was a tag on each of the wax melts indicating which smell was inside. It looked like a swap with small presents, it tasted authentic and humane.

The first wax melt is Butter Biscuit and I think this shape is the most beautiful of all. When it\’s not burning, it does smell slightly of cake or sugar. I really like this geometric flower shape.
Nissa Beauty Wax Melts : Tartelettes, Fondants, Tablettes & Candles
Then I chose a Chocolate wax melt : once again, there\’s a slight chocolate scent when the melt is not melting. Even though the scents are light when the melts are not burning, you can easily distinguish each scent from the other and you could even if they were all the same shape and color.
Nissa Beauty Wax Melts : Tartelettes, Fondants, Tablettes & Candles
The Banana wax melt is subtle but much stronger than the others when it\’s cold. I love this kind of sun shape that matches the color of the melt as well as the fruit.
Nissa Beauty Wax Melts : Tartelettes, Fondants, Tablettes & Candles
I found a surprise in my envelope : a Musk wax melt. It is subtle and soothing and its color is just a bit lighter than the Banana melt.
Nissa Beauty Wax Melts : Tartelettes, Fondants, Tablettes & Candles
I will definitely talk about each wax melt a bit later – you know how I proceed with my hauls : my intention is just to talk a bit about the products so you can have a chance to ask for a review of this product quicker than another.

I\’m really eager to melt these down but I don\’t want to at the same time – \”But then I won\’t have any left !\”. I left these in my room – not melting – and when I came back, the smell was lovely and strong but not overwhelming at all. I guess the smell will be even stronger when I melt them ! You\’ll be the first to know !
Nissa Beauty Wax Melts : Tartelettes, Fondants, Tablettes & Candles
You can buy the different candles and wax melts Nissa Beauty right here. If you want to follow her on her Facebook account, that\’s right here. She\’s also very active on her Instagram account, I recommend you follow her there too to be the first to know about her new releases !
What do you think of these little beauties ? Tempted ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

*These products were provided by the brand to be reviewed. I did not pay for them.

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