Great Value FashionistA Blushes & Bronzers for the sunny days

Blushes & Bronzers FashionistA in Customizable Palettes


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !I don\’t wear much makeup on my face – I\’ve already told you so and so you can see on each of my Monday Shadow Challenge creations. As a result, every time I fall in love with a particular blush or bronzer color, I pay attention to their price – much attention for I know I won\’t be wearing them often.

I\’ve already shown you several FashionistA eyeshadow palettes I\’ve created myself : I\’m crazy about them. However, I think I\’ve written this review back when my blog was only in French but the swatches will tell you everything you need to now. The price of the FashionistA makeup is astoundingly low and the pigmentation and long duration of their products make it a great value brand.

Some of my favorite makeup products are probably customizable eyeshadow palettes. I think there\’s nothing more satisfying that creating a palette according to one\’s own tastes in matter of finishes and colors. That\’s why I didn\’t think twice about buying FashionistA eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers when I encountered their products on FragranceDirect.

Each pan contains 2.5g of eyeshadow, bronzer or blush. That\’s amazing considering most refills contain 1.5g tops. Should I also tell you that each FashionistA refill costs not more than €0.70 on FragranceDirect ?

Blushes & Bronzers FashionistA : Blush Amber Glow | Customizable palettes

All my blushes and bronzers are in a 6-pan palette but FashionistA also has 4-pan palettes (red, golden or black). Either you place your pan in a 1-refill box like a single eyeshadow or in 4-pan or 6-pan palettes. All the palettes are really sturdy, compact and sometimes you might even find the shadows are a bit too hard to unclip. At least you know the eyeshadows won\’t fall or break.
Blushes & Bronzers FashionistA in Customizable Palettes
All of the blushes and bronzers in this homemade palette are extremely well pigmented but be aware that the most silky ones are also the most powdery ones. The sparkly or baked shadows are a lot less powdery – if not at all – but are still really pigmented.
Blushes & Bronzers FashionistA in Customizable Palettes
From left to right in the palette : Cinnamon, Glowing, Tokyo and Amber Glow, Blushing and Rome.
Blushes & Bronzers FashionistA in Customizable Palettes

Cinnamon is a matte peachy/pink color while Glowing is a softer, lighter pink color with slight sparkles.
Tokyo is a matte average brown color with slight golden sparkles inside it that you don\’t see much of once the bronzer is on your face.
Blushes & Bronzers FashionistA : Cinnamon, Glowing, Tokyo
Amber Glow is a beautiful coral with golden sparkles and Blushing is a vivid matte pink. Apply these with a very light hand !
In my mind, the baked bronzer Rome isn\’t much of a bronzer : to me it\’s more of a highlighter. It\’s very light and gives a beautiful glow to your face.
Blushes & Bronzers FashionistA : Amber Glow, Blushing, Rome
Blushes & Bronzers FashionistA in Customizable Palettes : Cinnamon, Glowing, Tokyo & Amber Glow, Blushing & Rome
I really love this palette : my favorite cheek colors are Cinnamon and Glowing. They\’re very natural and perfect for any season. I\’m really eager to wear Amber Glow in the sunny days to come.
I strongly recommend you try out some FashionistA products : you\’ll find them on FragranceDirect or on Ebay. Isn\’t a great quality at really low prices what we\’re all looking for ?
Have you ever tried FashionistA makeup ? Do you recommend any in particular ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Psst : To check out all my customizable FashionistA palettes, here is the article (in French with all the swatches) ! 

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