[Monday Shadow Challenge #8] Colorful Bronze


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !Hi guys !

Today\’s makeup is based on bronze which is the color that Séverine picked for this week\’s Monday Shadow Challenge. As soon as the nuances are too precise, I lose my mind and don\’t know what to do at all !
At first, I thought I\’d use only eyeshadows that have \”Bronze\” in their name, but that wasn\’t enough or even accurate given I have only two and one of them is way greener than actually bronze. So I picked an eyeshadow that every girl seems to own : the Gemey Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in On and On Bronze (or Bad to the Bronze according to where you\’ve bought it).

I wanted to add some bright colors that would drown bronze\’s nude tone and got carried away with complementary colors with slight, almost inexistent bronze hints. Enjoy !

I\’ve chosen to work with yellow and purple for the eye makeup. I used two Coastal Scents Hot Pots (Fairy Gold and Bright Yellow), Makeup Revolution\’s Hot Smoked eyeshadow palette and Gemey Maybelline\’s On and On Bronze.

First of all, I applied E.L.F.\’s White Pearl eyeshadow primer on both my eyelids and defined the crease with Fairy Gold (a yellowish gold color) and Bright Yellow to get an even more lively result.
After that, I used the skin-toned Hot Smoked eyeshadow (the one on the very left) to blend the eyeshadow up to the eyebrows. PS : No eyebrow work for some time ! I\’m waiting for them to grow again to reshape them properly according to the shape of my face. That\’s why I didn\’t work them today either.

Then I applied the On and On Bronze eyeshadow on my upper eyelid using my finger and created a thick plum eyeliner stroke with the Hot Smoked palette. After that, I used the dark green eyeshadow to create a thin line at the lower lashline.
I finished the eyelook with just a layer of a Max & More mascara that can be found in their Smokey Eyes sets.

I really wanted to create a lip art but I\’ve already done an ombré lips design last week so I wanted something different. And then I remembered the pictures of makeup artists on Instagram with the \”melted lips\” effect and I went for that with another set of complementary colors : a matte orange and a turquoise blue, both from Coastal Scents.
First I hydrated my lips with my Yves Rocher coconut lipbalm and applied the On and On Bronze eyeshadow as a lipstick. I used the Bright Tangerine matte orange eyeshadow as a lipliner to the upper lip and got to the melted part. That was easy : all I had to do was mix the Mazarine Blue eyeshadow with some lipgloss. I used three different lipglosses : one from W7, one from a previous H&M collection and the beautiful Amazing Lipgloss from Makeup Revolution in \”Free\”. Their finish is different but I only used three because I was looking for a lipgloss that allowed me to get a lot of product at one time. At the beginning of my makeup, all I wanted to use was the Amazing Lipgloss as it contains tiny sparkle and I wanted maximum shine on my blue stain.


I only applied a teeny bit of makeup on my face as I hate applying layers and layers of makeup. I pay attention to the state of my skin because I don\’t want to look like I\’m 50 when I am 30, right ?
I hydrated with my skin with organix coconut oil and applied the green SLA skin-primer (a present from my dear friend Sam !) to hide the redness of my skin.
After that, I hid my imperfections with the Max & More Green concealer. I could have applied some Ben Nye powder but I just didn\’t want to and just slightly applied some Max & More Peach blush and some Makeup Revolution Golden Lights highlighter.

Tadaa !

I hope you like this look ! I really wanted to try the melted lips look and I love it !
What do you think of this week\’s makeup ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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