Smells like summer : Bath and Body Works\' Sweet Maui Mango Candle is a blast !

Bath and Body Works : Bougie Sweet Maui Mango


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

The last Bath & Body Works candle I burnt was Vanilla Bean Marshamallow. If you\’ve read my review about this candle already, you know how disappointed in this one I was. Today\’s a new day and within this new day comes an article about a B&BW candle I\’m really excited about : the summery Sweet Maui Mango.

I\’ve bought this candle sometime during June 2015 : twice a year, Bath & Body Works has these big sales on their website and I recall plenty of their 3-Wick candles are around $10 or $11 at that time. That\’s a very good price given that each 3-Wick candle  is usually $22.50 (about €20) !

Sweet Maui Mango Candle : Presentation

The Sweet Maui Mango candle was part of a summer range with lids engraved with palm tree leaves. I love this design and the fact that the brand has actually done something \”more\” to make its product nicer to look at. Okay, let\’s be honest here : hadn\’t the candle had this beautiful packaging, I would have bought it still. A beautiful packaging is great but I\’m not buying things just because they\’re beautiful.

Bath and Body Works : Bougie Sweet Maui Mango
I was actually drooling over how sweet it may smell when I was browsing the B&BW website. They say : \”Transport yourself to a beautiful field of mango trees with a blend of mouth-watering mango, mandarin, orange slices and ruby red pomegranate seeds\”.
That was mouthwatering on the website but I recall being upset when it got home : the fact that the candle opened and got scratched during the journey from the States to France was not too bad. It\’s just that when the candle\’s not burning, you just smell a slight sugary and rather artificial scent.
Bath and Body Works : Bougie Sweet Maui Mango
And so for almost a year I haven\’t used this candle and I began burning it a few days ago. I ran myself a bath and burnt the Sweet Maui Mango candle while the warm water was running. It just took a few minutes (you know, just enough time so my bath was ready) and the scent in my bathroom was awesome. The smell is not overwhelming but it\’s definitely there and it\’s nice and lovely.

Just like any Bath & Body Works candle, the Sweet Maui Mango one is formulated with \”the highest concentration of fragrance oils, an exclusive blend of vegetable wax and wicks that won\’t burn out\”. 
The brand seems pretty proud of the fact that their candles melt consistently and evenly and are topped with a flame-extinguishing lid. I have to say, they do burn consistently and evenly and that\’s awesome when you hate burning your fingers when you\’re lighting your candle ! And yes, I\’m still rolling with matches. 
Bath and Body Works : Bougie Sweet Maui Mango
My opinion about the Bath & Body Works Sweet Maui Mango Candle

Despite the disappointing faint smell when the candle is not burning, the smell of mango takes over once you\’ve lit it. It\’s relaxing and it just makes you want summer to get here quicker (unless you\’re in California, that is. But I\’m not. LOL). The candle has a burning time between 25 and 45 hours and while it burns pretty fast (see the pics !), once it\’s cooled down there\’s almost no sign that the candle has burnt !

The price is still pretty high for such an accessory (especially when you like having a choice !) but I was really impressed with the Sweet Maui Mango Candle whereas I\’m more of a pastry-themed candle lover than a fruity-scent sucker. In case you\’re crazy about candles but don\’t have much to spare, just remember B&BW has Mason Jars and mini candles so you can try out different scents without breaking the bank ! 

Where can I find this Sweet Maui Mango scent ? 
It\’s currently out of stock on the Bath and Body Works website. However you can easily get it off Ebay US or Amazon US. I\’d rather check out Ebay US first because there are a lot of sellers and they\’re sometimes prone to international shipping when Amazon sellers are not.
What are your favorite candle scents ? What would you recommend in the candle area ? 

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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