[Monday Shadow Challenge #6] Color Me Blue (English)


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Sometimes I just don\’t feel like writing and my blog is more of a chore than an outlet. During the weeks I feel blue, I publish no more than one or two articles just to say I\’ve written something and let you know I\’m alive. No more than one or two articles because I want writing to remain helpful and a nice experience.
I haven\’t participed in the Monday Shadow Challenges in three weeks now. I\’ve missed forest green, anthracite grey and yellow. All three of them are colors I love, I could have done a great job with but I just didn\’t feel like it. I\’d rather give my all to a challenge than create a simple makeup just to say I\’ve done something. Today\’s makeup is really simple and had to be created around navy blue tones.

I wanted to create a makeup around my tribal rose gold septum piercing (that was on sale on Crazy Factory but is not available anymore) and use nude shades (matte brown and shimmery beige) to offset the beautiful navy blue eyeshadow I\’ve chosen.

I\’ve used three eyeshadow palettes for my eye makeup : 
Makeup Revolution\’s Eyes Like Angels with the matte brown eyeshadow : Choc! (second row from the right, second eyeshadow from the bottom)
Naked with a mix of the matte eyeshadows Naked and Buck
Nude\’Tude with the pink Stand-Offish eyeshadow
I wanted to create a rough triangle shape with the three matte brown eyeshadows mixed together. It\’s a kind of sandwich of colors on my eyes : from the upper lashline, there\’s shimmer, then matte and a shimmery color again to brighten the eyelook. I\’ve used the L\’Oréal Faux Cils Papillon Sculpt mascara to finish the look.
I\’ve used my small Marionnaud Carnet de Couleurs for my eyebrow makeup and nothing more. One of my favorite eyeshadows is the shimmery navy blue one (at the bottom left of the first square of colors) and I chose to place it where everyone would see it : on my eyebrows. I used an EcoTools eyeliner brush to be more precise with the color that\’s kind of powdery.
The lip makeup is really easy and I\’ve used but two products for this. I\’ve hydrated my lips with the I Love… Choca Mocha La La lipbalm then I applied the shimmery beige color from the Carnet de Couleurs (at the bottom left of the square at the bottom right) on my lips. Then I took the matte navy blue (at the top left in the square at the top left) and I just randomly created dark lines on my mouth. I wanted this lip makeup to remind of my tribal piercing.
I finished the whole look with a slight contouring makeup : some MUR Hard Day blush and bronzer from the MUR Ultra Sculpt Contour Kit palette in Ultra Fair.
Tadaaa !
A simple and creative makeup that I love ! 

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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