Factory & Co : New York in Paris with an unforgettable lunch



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Factory & Co : New York in Paris
An unforgettable lunch
Sometimes I\’m under the impression that my blog has more restaurant reviews than beauty articles. Every time I travel and stay in a different city, I try to find places to eat at that are \”different\”, where there\’s been creative thoughts and true, hard work at the beginning of the process. I want to show you firms that have dared to think outside of the box, that use good, fresh products and thereby are respectful of the customers.
Today I wanted to show you a restaurant chain that can only be found in Paris and its whereabouts : Factory & Co. I hope they open up some more stores in other cities as well soon. Let\’s get to know the restaurant that can be found in the 4 Temps Mall and enjoy with our eyes the unforgettable lunch I\’ve had back there…

Factory & Co – The restaurant in the 4 Temps Mall, La Défense
The place is big and the decoration is a mix of pop culture, cartoons and American-inspired frames. It might big wide but on a Sunday at lunchtime, there are people everywhere and only a few tables are available. Fortunately there\’s some more space outside of the restaurant, something like a terrace from where you can see people passing by while you\’re eating.
When you enter the restaurant, if there are many people waiting, an employee will give you the menu and take your order with a tablet. While you\’re waiting, you\’re going to have plenty of time to drool over the delicious-looking pastries : cheesecakes with different toppings and trimmings (Oreo, Snickers, Speculoos, Kinder, blackberry, red berries…), muffins and brownies, pecan pies and carrot cakes… Why ! Why do I have the impression I\’ve set foot in the US the minute I entered the restaurant ?!
Once they\’ve taken your order, you\’re given a bipper : as soon as the menus are ready, it starts ringing and showing lights. Don\’t you worry, you do hear the ringing quite well ! All you have to do is choose a table and wait for Mr to ring so you can pick up your food.
A lunch at Factory & Co
I\’ve been greedy, you know. When I\’m told \”American restaurant\” or pseudo-american, I\’ll be looking for the cheesecakes right away. Oh, I love these so much ! Yeah, well, after a bagel and fries, I guess my stomach would have been grateful if I\’d left the dessert alone. Everything was so delicious…
The fries had no salt on them which is surprising but valuable for those who can\’t stand large amounts of salt. Only you choose if you want to add some salt and ketchup or mayonnaise on your fries.
The Factory & Co restaurants do not use halal meat. But I wanted a steak ! Or at least something that looked like one. Fortunately, there\’s a vegan cheeseburger with red onion, salad, cheese and a soya steak. Ughhh ?! A tasteless soya steak ?! Uh, no. The steak had actual meat texture and even tasted almost like meat while it contained exclusively soya and vegetables.
I was surprised by the shape of my cheeseburger that actually had a bagel as a base with sesame and poppy seeds. The cooking was perfect. And oh how good it tasted…! Mamma mia !
Look at that !
A beverage was included in the menu I chose : what\’s more American than a Dr Pepper so you can feel forrestgumpised to the max ? (Okay, I know that\’s not totally true, what with Coke, Ice Tea, Orangina and so on… Oh well. I love me some Dr Pepper.)
My friend took a white chocolate/raspberry muffin that I can\’t tell you anything about : I was about to explode when I started eating my cheesecake and I was keeping the room for my own, delicious dessert !
Okay, whipped cream on a cheesecake, not a very good nor healthy idea. I\’ve chosen a classic cheesecake without any topping or trimming. I didn\’t see how useful it would be to choose a Kinder Bueno or fruit cheesecake and honestly, I didn\’t see how useful it was to add whipped cream to a cheesecake either as it doesn\’t taste or feel the same at all. Plus, a cheesecake is already a bit heavy on the stomach on its own after a whole meal !
Factory & Co\’s cheesecakes are awesome. The cream is almost a mousse and the taste is perfect, not too sugary and not too dull. The biscuit is perfectly crusty and all in all, it is absolutely delicious. I\’ve liked it so much that during my stay in Paris, I went to another Factory & Co in the Rive Gauche and bought just one cheesecake to relish (about €4 apiece).
I\’d love to have a Factory & Co restaurant in Troyes ! I want one in every city I\’ll live in ! I strongly recommend you taste their food. We\’ve paid less than €35 for two whole meals (Fries + Bagel/Cheeseburger + Soda + Dessert) which can still seem a lot but there\’s a lot of work put into this business : the machines and staple food come from the States and Canada so the taste is the same and the food is made the same day by Factory & Co bakers and pastry cooks and then fixed right on the spot when an order is made so everything is and tastes fresh.
All I can say is that it\’s handmade when it\’s actually looking like chain food and the food is delicious. Period.
Do you know the Factory & Co restaurants ? Do you have any good food addresses to share ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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