[Friday Lipstick #5] Chocolatey with Golden Rose Hydrating Lipstick #159

Golden Rose Lipstick - Rouge à lèvres hydratant 159 Marron Doré | Cookie\'s Makeup

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Hi guys ! 
I haven\’t published anything in the Friday Lipstick Facebook group these last few weeks so today I thought I\’d take it easy today with just one lipstick, the Golden Rose Hydrating Lipstick #159. You know that I\’m crazy about this Turkish cosmetics brand and my favorite lipsticks belong to it.

I\’ve been asked to swatch this lipstick, I\’ve chosen to do even better and write a complete review about it. Friday Lipstick, let\’s go !

I\’m a sucker for Golden Rose. Need any more proof ? Just click right here to see how many things I\’ve bought on the Cookie\’s Makeup website and in their store if you don\’t believe me ! If by any chance you\’re also interested in the Longstay Liquid Matte Lipsticks… Here is a complete review of 8 out of the 12 shades so that as soon as they\’re available again on the Cookie\’s Makeup website you can grab you some !

But today\’s only about a shade I\’m not used to wearing at all : brown. It\’s just too dark a shade for me. I like subtle, nude, my lips but better shades. If the nice young lady hadn\’t asked for a swatch, I might not have written about this before long ! And yet, some of my favorite lipsticks are from this collection of hydrating lipsticks.


The lipstick is simple and classy, black and golden. The Golden Rose logo has changed since last year but whichever logo is printed on the lipstick, be aware the golden letters fade after some time. I have one favorite I kept in my purse that has lost its letters. I don\’t think it\’s annoying unless you like keeping your stuff untouched and looking brand new for months.
Golden Rose Lipstick - Rouge à lèvres hydratant 159 Marron Doré | Cookie\'s Makeup
Also, be aware they open very easily in a purse and they\’re not extremely sturdy. The only reason why I have this color is I wanted to give it as a present to a girlfriend until I realized the bottom part came off when I wanted to check the lipstick out. Well you can imagine I couldn\’t give this to a friend ! I\’d also like to thank the Cookie\’s Makeup team : as soon as they were aware of the default, they gave me my money back. They\’re really sweet and reactive.

All of the hydrating lipsticks cost €3.50. If you\’ve been a customer of Cookie\’s Makeup for some time, you may have noticed how the price has increased by €0.60. Their supplier has increased his prices so they had to do so too.
Golden Rose Lipstick - Rouge à lèvres hydratant 159 Marron Doré | Cookie\'s Makeup

Number 159 is called \”Marron doré\” which means Golden brown. I rather see a very beautiful chocolate shade that I\’d love to get my teeth into ! It\’s really creamy as is the finish that\’s quite bright. Not shimmery at all though. It\’s got this vampy and chic look and I love how beautiful it looks on me. It suits my skintone and matches my eyecolor…
Golden Rose Lipstick - Rouge à lèvres hydratant 159 Marron Doré Swatch | Cookie\'s Makeup
It\’s a beautiful chocolate color with red undertones when it\’s sunny. I love how it feels and looks but be aware of some things before you get it : 

– You need to apply at least two layers of lipstick so it\’s completely opaque. Maybe you can try to wear a lipbase or some powder underneath so it\’s even but you should know it\’s a dark and creamy color that is more opaque in the center of the lips and less in the outer corners of the mouth.

– It emphasizes the dry patches a bit even though it\’s formulated with Vitamin E and not drying at all. Just think of scrubbing your lips and applying a lipbalm before you apply it !

– It\’s a dark color so you may want to be careful when you apply it. That\’s exactly the kind of color I don\’t usually wear because I don\’t want to look like I\’ve eaten chocolate like a small child !

– I don\’t have a dark skin and yet… It\’s like the color would suit any skintone ! That would be awesome on a dark-skinned woman as a nude lipstick…
Golden Rose Lipstick - Rouge à lèvres hydratant 159 Marron Doré Swatches | Cookie\'s Makeup
Expect this lipstick to last between 2 and 4 hours, it depends whether you pay attention to it, whether you eat or not… After a meal you will have to apply some more. Not only because it is creamy but because you\’ll have to check if you look like a child who\’s eaten chocolate !

It\’s a really beautiful lipstick but I think I\’ll be keeping it for soirées or days when I know I won\’t be wearing it for long : I\’m eating all the time !
Do you like the color ? Have you ever tried out this hydrating lipstick range by Golden Rose ? 

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

More about Golden Rose products…

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