The A la bonne heure restaurant, a lukewarm success in Troyes


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I\’ve taken some time for myself away from the blog these last few days because I thought it would only do good to my future articles. I\’m disappointed I missed this week Monday Shadow Challenge featuring forest green but hopefully I\’ll be able to create the makeup I had in mind next week because it contained both green and grey. Luckily, next week\’s color is anthracite grey which is also one of my favorite colors.

Today I thought I\’d share my experience of a restaurant I\’ve been to yesterday, called A la bonne heure. I thought it wasn\’t a restaurant chain but it is and there are restaurants all over France. All you have to do to find one is check out the map on the website.

I\’ve driven by this restaurant quite a number of times but word of mouth is really the one thing that led me to try it for myself : \”I\’ve heard that restaurant is amazing, even better than Flunch restaurants (another all-you-can eat) !!!\”. Is that so ? An all-you-can-eat buffet for €10 that\’s actually better than Flunch food ? Ok, I can try that. Well, let me tell you up front I\’d have had a better lunch in a typical all-you-can-eat Asian buffet.


The concept is simple : they want to make you feel at home. They make you want to feel like the restaurant is a family home where everyone\’s invited and where there are delicious smells of tasty food. You know what Sheldon would say if he\’d been there ? Bazinga.

Each menu includes an all-you-can-eat buffet for the entrées and the desserts. The cheapest menu for an adult is €8.99 and includes but the desserts and the entrées. If you\’re willing to pay one more euro, you\’ll get to choose between 4 dishes that change everyday. Yesterday, there were two meat dishes (not halal… can\’t eat…), pesto pasta or salmon in a puff pastry. If you want something a bit more classic, like say breaded fish, just forget it. Breaded fish is for kids and the kids menu at €3.95 is for kids under 8. So if you don\’t like something (or can\’t eat something), too bad it is for you.
The most expensive menus are about €12.99 and include more expensive dishes like rib steaks or flank steaks.


The entrées
Disappointing is the word I\’m looking for. I don\’t know what I was expecting but maybe more than that. The entrée counter includes among other things tomatoes, raw mushrooms in a kind of salad dressing, pasta salad, coleslaw, cabbage salad, tabbouleh, surimi, boiled eggs and pineapple pieces (WTF ?). In a word, I can cook all that at home for much less. I almost forgot : cardboard salad, you know, the cheapest one sold in supermarkets.
The dishes
When you choose your main dish with the cashier, they\’ll print out what you\’ve chosen on a piece of paper. You\’ll give this to the person taking care of the dishes counter so you\’ll get your salmon. Well, my salmon. The second disappointment is at the dishes counter : there\’s a kind of overcooked pasta gratin, steamed cauliflower, French fries, mashed potatoes, a kind of not-good-looking ratatouille, a mix of broccoli/big beans/carrots. Even Flunch has me salivating whereas this doesn\’t at all. I am under the obligation to contradict their misleading advertising : the food is not tasty at all and has no one dreaming about it.
The desserts
That\’s the good thing about this restaurant even if I would never pay €8.99 to eat pieces of fat. You know I\’m greedy. There\’s chocolat mousse, caramel mousse, strawberry mousse, mini raspberry pies (the cream is tasteless. I\’ve eaten the raspberries and left the rest aside), a fruit salad without added sugar (yeehee !), chocolate cake, leechees, pieces of pineappel, cherry clafoutis (not a real one either. The flan was just basic cream)… In a nutshell, almost everything you can find also in an all-you-can-eat Asian buffet.
The decoration may be simple but that\’s the only heart-warming, welcoming, family-like thing in this restaurant. From the decoration you might think this is actually a restaurant serving homemade food.
What\’s my final opinion about the A la bonne heure restaurants ? 

I\’ve not enjoyed this experience at all and I sure won\’t be going back to one of these restaurants. I could have a lot better for the same price, if not in quality, at least in terms of taste.

I\’ve felt like I was in a school cafeteria the whole time I was there and there were two persons next to me that I felt were spying on us and one of them had these cold looks toward us ! Average food, too expensive for the quality or taste of the dishes, I\’d rather go to a Flunch restaurant even though the food there is not amazing either and their entrées and desserts are not all-you-can-eat.
I still have to precise that there\’s a playroom inside the restaurant, which can be great for families.
I would not recommend you go and eat in this restaurant that is more of a canteen than an actual restaurant.
Contact info :
Restaurant A la bonne heure
Centre Commercial Géant Casino
Route de Paris
10600 Barberey Saint-Sulpice

Tel :
Opening hours : 11.45 am – 2.15 pm and 6.45 pm – 9.30 pm
Access : \”Centre Cial Barberey\” station, Bus 3 in direction of Chapelle Saint-Luc/Barberey

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

PS : AlhamduliLlah, Thanks to God, I have gotten food in my stomach this day. Let us not forget it !

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