[Friday Lipstick #4] Exciting lipsticks : Pierre René Professional\'s Professional Lipstick range*

Pierre René Professional Lipsticks


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !It\’s been a month already since my first participation in the Friday Lipstick ritual. Today I\’ve chosen to show you 6 outstanding Professional Lipsticks I\’ve gotten about two months ago in a partnership with the Polish brand Pierre René Professional. It\’s a brand that offers mind-blowing makeup. Want proof ? Their matte single eyeshadows, their semi-matte Slim Rich lipstick range or their Match System customizable eyeshadow palettes for instance. Moreover they\’ve just redone the design of their website so now it\’s more professional than ever.

Here are the amazing six shades of Professional Lipsticks by Pierre René Professional I have gotten !

Pierre René Professional Professional Lipstick

The Lipstick Professional range by Pierre René Professional
Pierre René Professional Professional Lipstick
In this line of lipsticks there are two ranges : Hydra Elegance and Hydra Natural. Each lipstick holds 4.8g of product which is great for a lipstick that can be kept for 24 months and costs less than 5 euros ! 
The packaging is sober : shiny black plastic and a see-through glass base that allows you to see which lipstick you\’re picking up. These lipsticks are elegant and sturdy and there\’s no way they would open by themselves in a purse. The name Pierre René Professional is printed in white in relief on the lipsticks.

I have received six shades of pink that are all a bit shiny and bright. I don\’t think they are shimmery. They all have a number as well as a name which is easier to remember and that allows you to think \”Wow, this color is aptly named !\”.
Pierre René Professional Professional Lipstick swatches 01 Naturally Nude 02 Dirty Rose 06 Wild Orchid 08 Nude Velvet 12 Rebel Pink 16 Pink Angel
They\’re really creamy and a dream to apply. If you wear a lipbalm underneath, your lipstick may be absorbed with the lipbalm : that\’s how hydrating they are. I often forget I\’m wearing a lipstick and I rub my lips together as I would do while wearing a lipbalm. Except I\’m wearing a lipstick.

They last about 4 hours on my lips and they\’re too creamy to remain unaltered after a meal. They\’re not transferproof but if you don\’t wear lipbalm underneath and apply lipliner before your lipstick, they may very well last a lot longer !


01 Naturally Nude from the Hydra Elegance line : it\’s a very bright and shiny beige. I don\’t usually like this kind of finish but it\’s really subtle and elegant. I think it would be perfect with a smokey eye look or a total nude look for work.

Pierre René Professional Professional Lipstick 01 Naturally Nude Swatch

02 Dirty Rosa from the Hydra Natural line : that\’s one of my favorites. It is a kind of shiny mauve pink, subtle though not going unnoticed. It is not shimmery and I hope pictures help show you what I\’m having a hard time describing. It\’s the only lipstick among the six that smells of vanilla whereas the other five have a flowery scent.

Pierre René Professional Professional Lipstick 02 Dirty Rose Swatch
06 Wild Orchid from the Hydra Elegance line : that\’s a neutral vivid pink that I think I could wear everyday. I think it goes really well with my skintone and I really appreciate trying out quality lipsticks with colors I\’m definitely not used to wearing.
Pierre René Professional Professional Lipstick 06 Wild Orchid Swatch
08 Nude Velvet from the Hydra Elegance line : I\’d had my eyes on this one for a while until I received it and saw how fair the color is. A cool-toned baby pink, one of the colors I\’m not used to wearing at all. It\’s a big TOP ! I may take some time to get used to it and actually be able to go out wearing it every day because I only wear mauve or darker colors. However, I am in love with this Barbie-like color !
Pierre René Professional Professional Lipstick 08 Nude Velvet Swatch
12 Rebel Pink from the Hydra Elegance line : compared to the 06 lipstick, this is a lot cooler toned lipstick, a pinkish fuchsia. I would gladly wear Wild Orchid during summer while I would wear this one during winter. It matches snow in my head.
Pierre René Professional Professional Lipstick 12 Rebel Pink Swatch
16 Pink Angel from the Hydra Natural line : Compared to 08 Nude Velvet, this is a warmer toned pink, a bit more peach. That\’s an excellent surprise. I didn\’t have any cool-toned and light lipsticks and now I have two that I really like ! I think I\’ll buy even more light lipsticks in the future.
Pierre René Professional Professional Lipstick 16 Pink Angel Swatch
I\’m unconditionally in love with these lipsticks and I can\’t wait to try out more colors ! They\’re creamy, cheap, pigmented and last for a long time : what more can you ask ? 
Have you ever tried out Pierre René Professional cosmetics ? What are you tempted to try ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

*These products were provided by the brand to be reviewed. I did not pay for them.

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