Corail and Rose Délicat : two delicate new shades of Avril Matte Lipstick pencils


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Most of the makeup I use is not organic. Avril is the first and only organic certified brand I own. I have 5 eyeliner pencils and about 5 or 6 nail polishes from the brand. I did want to try out their eyeshadow singles but I they have bad reviews and their most interesting lipsticks are often out of stock. That\’s why I never went further.
Some time ago, I discovered their matte lipstick pencils and I\’ve chosen 6. Among those six shades, 2 are new colors that have just been released. Today I\’m talking about those new certified organic shades : Corail and Rose délicat (Coral and Delicate Pink).

ID of the Avril Organic Matte Lipstick Pencils in Corail and Rose délicat
As of now the matte lipstick pencil range offers 10 shades from nude to flashy : Bois de rose, Rose délicat, Corail, Rose charme, Rose indien, Rose bonbon, Rouge franc, Griotte, Violine and Châtaigne (from left to right in the picture below).

The three new shades are Corail, Rose Délicat and Rouge franc, as matte as are the other 7. I\’ll talk about the other shades I\’ve bought in an upcoming article : Bois de rose, Rose charme, Rose indien and Châtaigne.
I thought they were the size of the Golden Rose Matte Lipstick Crayons but they\’re not. They look like jumbo coloring pencils with a black cap and its name engraved on the pencil and printed on a paper on the cap. They all contain 2g of lipstick and cost €4 whatever the color is on the official Avril website. If you need a comparison made, the Golden Rose Crayons contain 3.5g and cost €3.50 on the Cookie\’s Makeup website. In a nutshell it\’s more expensive to buy the Avril pencils but they\’re certified organic.

100% of the ingredients are natural and 42% are organic. I think the price is alright for a product made with organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil ! They\’re absolutely cruelty free, made in France and you can keep them for 36 months after opening them. Oh, I guess I\’ll be done with them before 36 months are over !

Crayon rouge à lèvres bio mat Avril Rose délicat et Corail
The pencils are really creamy and smell something like wood and citruses. Funny smell and original.
Their shape make it easy to apply the lipstick and you can build up the color if you feel like it or keep it nude. These need to be sharpened and I have to admit I don\’t like that but you can use them 4 or 5 times before they need sharpening. They are not drying at all and I don\’t need to wear a lipbalm underneath. Also, the texture doesn\’t mark all the find lines but just the one at the center of my bottom lip. Just pinch your lips and it\’s gone.

If you choose to wear a lipbalm underneath, the lipstick may move around a bit and mark the lines a bit more so I recommend you don\’t wear any. They last at least 5 to 6 hours (yes, I started eating around this time). Avoid rubbing your lips against one another : even though the pencil doesn\’t mark the lines and dead skin patches, if you rub your lips together all the time, it will eventually.

Avril Organic Matte Lipstick pencils : Swatches of Corail and Rose Délicat

Crayon rouge à lèvres bio mat Avril Rose délicat et Corail swatch

The Corail color is not as flashy I\’d expected it to be. It has this delicate color and I think if you\’re not used to using warm-toned colors on your lips, it\’s a good lipstick to begin with. I\’ve applied several layers on the swatches so you\’d see the color to its full intensity.

The Rose Délicat color is aptly named. It\’s a cool-toned pale pink, an everyday nude that\’s perfect for fair-skinned women.
Swatch of the Avril Corail Matte Lipstick Pencil

In the left picture, I\’m wearing the lipstick only on my upper lip : you can see the difference really well. In the right picture, I\’m wearing the Corail lipstick on both my lips. The result is mild but I still have to get used to warm colors on my lips, given I only wear mauve or ancient pink lipsticks.
Swatch of the Avril Rose Délicat Lipstick Pencil
In the left picture, I\’m wearing lipstick only in the center of my bottom lip. You can\’t really see the difference, it\’s a lighter-than-my-lips nude. A princess color, chic and delicate. If it were a tad lighter though, I would not wear it.

These lipsticks are amazing : beautiful feminine and matte colors, convenient to use, cheap and longlasting. I love how it\’s possible to play around with the colors and build them up if I want a more flashy look. Still, I don\’t want really flashy colors because I know I won\’t wear them, that\’s why I didn\’t buy Rouge Franc, Violine, Griotte and Rose bonbon.
You can buy them off their official website : Avril Organic.

What do you think of the Avril lipstick pencils ? Tempted ? 

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Anonymous says:

    les couleurs sont vraiment belles


  2. Anonymous says:

    Je suis bien d'accord, j'en ai encore 4 j'ai hâte de vous en parler ! 🙂


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