My March & Spring Wishlist !


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !I\’m baaack ! With a new wishlist ! I\’ve waited some time before publishing it so it would be a spring and March wishlist. Didn\’t see much point in publishing two the same month given I already have some trouble getting everything from just one wishlist. 

Ever since I\’ve bought my Sephora Marvelous Mauve lipstain and I\’ve tried on the Sleek Birthday Suit Matte Me lipstick, I\’ve fallen in love with liquid matte lipsticks. That\’s why my favorite things from my wishlist are these lipsticks, especially the ColourPop ones I\’ll get my hands on whenever I can !

Keep reading and daydream with me !

1. I\’ve been wanting this eau de toilette for some time now : the L\’Occitane Néroli et Orchidée Eau de toilette. It\’s so elegant and feminine, I\’m not a big fan of floral scents but it definitely has something more. I already own the Néroli et Orchidée handcream and it\’s so amazing that I try to spare it.

2. I\’d love to get my hands on ColourPop eyeshadows. A few matte shades like the plum or the teal ones are wonderful and I\’d use them as an eyeliner. The pigmentation seems amazing and I\’m having a hard time trying to choose what I\’d get !

3. IsaDora Twist Up Matt Lips in Bare N\’Beautiful, Bohemian, Naked and Majestic Mauve. The colors of the brand are amazing and I\’d love to try out anything they have to offer, from lipsticks to lipliners.

4. Nyx Lingerie : I\’m thinking about not buying the Suede range after all because I\’ve read they\’re never completely dry or completely matte. I\’m having a rough time here trying to choose which nude would suit me the best, knowing that I prefer the Suede colors. Tell me what you think about these ranges from Nyx if you\’ve already used these items !

5. Labello and Nivea Lip Butters : the manufacturer that makes Nivea and Labello lipbutters is the same. I\’d love to have the Cocoa, Blueberry Blush, Caramel Cream and Coconut ones. I\’m crazy about my Vanilla & Macadamia lipbutter and I bet these smell awesome !
Labello Lip Butters : Blueberry Blush & Coconut : CHECK !

6. Doc Martens ! I\’ve been wanting a pair ever since I visited Camden Town with my sister. That liberty pattern on the low cut shoes makes it original and… desirable !

7. A favorite in this wishlist : Golden Rose\’s Longstay Liquid Matte lipsticks. They were released on the 10th of March in Cookie\’s Makeup and retail for €5.90. I\’ve already actually bought 8 shades of these and number 10 and 12 are already out of stock on Cookie\’s Makeup website ! 

Sooo… CHECK !

8. Gemey Maybelline\’s Touch of Spice, seemingly a MAC Twig dupe.

9. The script book of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Available for pre-order on Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles… Half price on Waterstones. I think that\’ll be one of the items of the wishlist I get the soonest.

10. LA Splash Lip Couture. The colors make me crazy. I love the greige lipstick color and I\’ve got my eyes on OG Ghoulish, Ghoulish and Cryptic, as well as Latte Confession.
There\’s also their wonderful Smitten Lip Tint Mousse collection… You know, the range that had all the Harry Potter related lipstick names like Bellatric or Nagini. I think I\’ll stop with two or three nudes because those cost €14 and I\’d better know where I put my money so I don\’t waste it !

12. Max Factor Excess Shimmer eyeshadows in Copper, Bronze and Onyx. I\’d have slipped two or three lipstick shades but I already have so many that I want ! 

13. Revlon Matte Balm in 205 Elusive and 230 Complex. I\’m crazy about my Sultry Matte Balm and I\’d love to see what those other look like.

14 and 15 : My absolute favorites in this wishlist : ColourPop\’s Ultra Matte Lip and Ultra Satin Lip.
Each is $6, that\’s not much at all. I would probably buy at least a dozen of these. Kapow, Clueless, StingRaye, Beeper, Solow, Tulle, Lumiere 2, Teeny Tiny, Bad Habit and the most amazing one : Trap, a wonderful greige.
In the Ultra Satin Lip range I\’d probably take Marshmallow, Mess Around, Petit Four, Dopey, Frick n\’Frack and Echo Park. Wow I can\’t wait ! 

I\’m hoping this wishlist makes you as dreamy as I get when I think of all this wonderful makeup !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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