[FL#3] Max & More Lipstick & Lipliner in Nude Lips and Dark Red

Lipstick & lipliner Max & More Dark Red & Nude Lips


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

For this third episode of the Friday Lipstick ritual, I\’ve chosen to show you two amazing lipsets. I\’ve first encountered them on the Max & More website and for some time, I\’ve looked for them every single time I went to the Action store.
I\’m talking about the Max & More Lipstick & Lipliner sets in Nude Lips and Dark Red, two beautiful discoveries for less than €1.

Presentation of the Max & More Lipstick & Lipliner sets

Each set contains a matching lipstick and lipliner. There are 4 different shades available : Red, Dark Red, Nude and Coral. I could easily have bought the four sets because each costs €0.89. However I wanted to buy only the shades that suit my skintone and the ones that I would actually wear. As a consequence I bought Dark Red and Nude Lips.
I really like the shape of the lipsticks and I\’m taking it even further by saying these are complete LA Girl dupes. I\’ve been noticing some sharp similarities between Max & More and LA Girl lately and these lipsticks are a great deal similar to the Luxury Cream Lip Color range.

Lipstick & lipliner Max & More Dark Red & Nude Lips
La photo de droite provient du blog Mariaa Tran.
Lipstick & lipliner Max & More Dark Red & Nude Lips
The packaging is basic black and white plastic. They tend to open by themselves in a bag so make sure they\’re completely closed and place them in a clean place so the lipstick remains unaltered.
Each lipstick weighs 3.2g and they should be kept for 3 months max. That\’s a pretty short time and I wonder how come it\’s so short. I wish the lipliners were bigger because they\’re really creamy and so easy to use ! I use my lipliners as lipsticks so I know they\’ll be used up pretty quickly. Then again, they\’re €0.89 a set of two products so okay, I\’ll stop complaning.

Lipliner Max & More Dark Red & Nude Lips


Lipstick & lipliner Max & More Dark Red & Nude Lips swatches
Left : Lipliner and Right : Lipstick


Be it the lipliner or the lipstick, they\’re really creamy and pigmented. I can totally wear the lipliner without the lipstick on top.
Be aware of the kind of \”chemical\” smell if you smell the lipstick on purpose. It\’s not intoxicating but I\’d rather warn you beforehand. This also brings the question : do the creators of Max & More not add any chemical smell of vanilla or candy, or do the creators of other brands add industrial vanilla or candy smell to mask the chemical odour ? Anyway, the smell fades gradually.


Lipstick & lipliner Max & More Dark Red & Nude Lips
Whether you wear the lipliner alone or with the lipstick on top, the color doesn\’t change. I love the \”amplifier\” effect of these products though. It seems like my lips are fuller and they look much more beautiful.

The nude color looks like a baby pink when you swatch it and I was afraid that was going to look the same on my lips. Though, it\’s a beautiful nude pink that suits my skintone really well and not flashy at all.

It\’s not as dark as you\’d expect it to be. That\’s a color I\’m in love with since it\’s not too flashy and not too dark. That\’s just a perfect iconic red.
The lipsticks have a semi-matte finish and don\’t dry out the lips at all. They simply make your lips beautiful.


The hold of these products is excellent. I\’ve tried out both but you know how it\’s easier to notice the change in the color of a lipstick throughout the day when it\’s darker to begin with, so I\’ll show you the Dark Red one. After 5 hours and a kind of oily meal, it\’s faded a bit but still up and going. I can still go out with this without applying another layer.
After a second oily meal, it\’s faded even more and I think there\’s only the lipliner left on my lips. There\’s still a very read stain on the outlines of my mouth but almost nothing in the center of my lips !

Lipstick & lipliner Max & More Dark Red

Those products are a great find. I\’ll buy the Nude again because I wear it much more often that the Dark Red one. I would really like Max & More to release more colors in this range because I don\’t wear any bright red or coral. The pigmentation is great and they last at least a good half-day, that\’s excellent for such a mini price !

Approved and recommended !

Lipstick & lipliner Max & More Dark Red & Nude Lips

Have you ever tried out some Max & More makeup ? What do you suggest I try from this brand ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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