[Friday Lipstick #2] Unraveling Jordana\'s Mystery…

Jordana Mystery lipstick

It\’s high time I showed you one of my favorite lipsticks ever : Jordana\’s Mystery lipstick. Jordana is an American cosmetics brand that is in some way related to the brand Milani but which products are at least twice as cheap.

Also, the Jordana packagings are twice as cheap but it\’s not disturbing to me. The packaging of a product is a plus but not essential. When I buy makeup, I choose it according to its quality and color, not according to the packaging that holds it within.

Well, what\’s going on with this mystery lippie ?

A simple packaging : a silvery and black tube and a transparent lid decorated with three silver lines at the bottom that allows us to see which color we\’re taking. 

That\’s the usual packaging of a basic Jordana lipstick. They also have another range of basic matte lipsticks of the same shape which tube and lines are gold : it\’s easy to spot what you\’re looking for.

Jordana Mystery lipstick

Mystery is one of my first Jordana purchases ever. It costs €1.99 on Maquillalia and is often out of stock. The matte range with the gold designs are €1.99 too, by the way.
Since I also own the Mystery Matte Lipstick, I figured it will do good to swatch them side by side so you know that they\’re not similar at all, as I used to think.

Swatches du Jordana Lipstick Mystery et Mystery Matte

Mystery is a mauvey/burgundy lipstick color : it\’s darker than my natural lip color but I love wearing it in daytime because I think it\’s so beautiful.
The lipstick is creamy and has this smell I never really recognize : fruity, citruses… Every time I apply a Jordana lipstick I\’m surprised by this unusual smell.

I don\’t have to wear a lipbalm underneath because it\’s creamy and hydrating enough. Creamy, opaque in one or two layers, it\’s cheap and makes me happy !

Swatches du Jordana Lipstick Mystery et Mystery Matte

I like to wear it with nothing but mascara because it can totally stand alone. By the way that\’s how I\’m wearing it in the pics so that all your eye is caught by is this wonderful mauvey color.
Swatches du Jordana Lipstick Mystery et Mystery Matte
I guess the color is perfect for either a pale-skinned woman or a dark-skinned woman and maybe that\’s the reason why it\’s so often out of stock on Maquillalia… Anyway next time you see it, just get it !
Swatches du Jordana Lipstick Mystery et Mystery Matte
It lasts for about 3 to 4 hours without eating or drinking. When you eat it wears off quicker but I think the hold is pretty good for such a small price ! Maybe you should also try wearing a lipliner underneath to see how much longer it lasts ! I have some other Jordana lippies I\’ll probably show you soon and I recommend that you get your hands on this one asap !

Do you have any Jordana lipsticks you might recommend for this basics range ? 

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