Romantic and sweet with Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked palette

Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked palette

I guess I have about a dozen Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes to this day. If you don\’t know of this brand yet, I have to tell you all about it !

Makeup Revolution – or MUR – is a London-based makeup brand. All that they sell is really affordable : liquid matte lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadow palettes, contouring palettes, nail lacquer, mono eyeshadows and many other things. 
As a matter of eyeshadow palettes, the 32-eyeshadow palettes cost €9.99, the 18-eyeshadow palettes cost between €8 and €9, the 12-eyeshadow palettes cost €4.95 and there is also a number of other palettes.

MUR is known amongst all things because of its higher-end makeup dupes. It has \”copied\” Lorac Pro, Urban Decay, Too Faced eyeshadow palettes and even blushes in the case of Too Faced. These palettes never cost more than €10 and the quality is almost always excellent from what I\’ve seen.

Then, MUR parents also created two other cosmetics brands : I ♥ Heart (or I Heart Makeup, a more girly brand that makes me think of the relation between Catrice and Essence) and Freedom Makeup London, a brand especially designed for new (and poor, let\’s say it) Makeup Artists.

Today we\’re going to talk about one of my favorite eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution : Romantic Smoked. Just like any palette this shape in the brand, it costs €4.95. When I talk about these prices, I refer to the website Maquillalia, on which I have bought all of my Makeup Revolution makeup products.

There\’s no way the palette is going to open in a purse. It\’s a hard case plastic palette and I love that we can see through the lid. On the other hand, I don\’t think of the foam tipped brush as essential in this palette. Though the eyeshadows are really pigmented, they don\’t have this pressed pigment texture that would absolutely require the use of this brush.

Maybe you remember that I used this palette to create my Valentine\’s Day makeup look. It\’s really interesting : the 6 left eyeshadows are shimmery and the other 6 are completely matte. All of them really are outstanding !

Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked palette

All of the shades are mild, I do think that you could pick any three colors and combine them and still get a cute girly look.


FIRST ROW : Shimmery Eyeshadows

Left to right : white, brown, champagne pink, khaki, lilac and burgundy.

Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked palette swatches
SECOND ROW : Matte Eyeshadows

Left to right : light pink, brownish/beige, lavender, dark green, plum and flesh.

Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked palette swatches

Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked palette look
Left : I created a kind of smoky look with the shimmery white and khaki eyeshadows and the matte brown and dark green.
Right : I wanted a nude makeup and used the matte lavender and flesh eyeshadows and the shimmery pink and burgundy eyeshadows.

I didn\’t need to wear a primer under the eyeshadows to see that they are quality makeup. You can easily blend them and without a primer, they last 6 hours on the eyelids before lightly beginning to crease. You can wear them for 4 to 5 hours without a primer before the colors start blending together (I\’ve seen that with the khaki and dark green colors in my crease).

It\’s definitely a bargain. The eyeshadows are really pigmented, blend really well without being too powdery and are longlasting : what more can you ask ? I totally approve and recommend it ! I\’ll be reviewing other MUR eyeshadow palettes soon and they\’re all amazing value !

Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked palette

Do you know this brand ? What would you recommend aside from their eyeshadow palettes ?

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