Bath and Body Works Mahogany Teakwood Body Mist : my go-to mist

I\’m not a big fan of Bath and Body Works. Either their products arrive broken at home, or they stink or there\’s no fragrance to them (like the Vanilla Bean Marshmallow candle for instance). However, today I thought I would show you one of my go-to body mists in general and one of my favorite mists from BBW.
The Mahogany Teakwood body mist is part of their Signature Collection. When the website offers sales, the body mists from this range are never half-price. Body mists from other ranges can often go down to $7 or sometimes even $3 but Bath and Body Works has this Mix & Match System working for this collection : buy 3 and get 2 free. 
Each body mist from this range is $14 so you had better know what you\’re getting into for it\’s really hard to imagine what a perfume smells like, especially when one commentary advises you to buy it and another person hates the smell.

The fact is I\’m showing you this body mist today because I have had a big crush on it and the scent Mahogany Teakwood is soon going to be a retired scent. It goes from the body lotion to the body cream, from the body mist to the shower gel. I guess you could get you off Ebay or Amazon if you\’re not in the States (or in the few countries where they have BBW stores) and if you don\’t want to get through Shipito and such services. 
I would strongly advise you to buy off such a website rather from Bath and Body Works itself. The wrapping is poor especially when it comes to candles (I have gotten a lot broken and still they\’re sitting on my shelves), and more and more people are complaining about their bad customer service and the quality of their products (packaging or product itself). Follow this link and you\’ll see what I\’m talking about. 
The bottle holds 236 mL of perfume with a woody and masculine scent that\’s subtle, fresh and strong at the same time. I do love sweet candy-like smells but I also love this kind of masculine scent.

What you can read off the website is that the mist is a mix of lavender, mahogany, teakwood, geranium, oakmoss, white cedar and feathered musk.
I have to warn you right away, I didn\’t smell any kind of flower in this body spray. All I do smell is the wood and the musk. I do not like flowery scents and I can certainly not stand lavender so if you don\’t like flowery smells either you can go for that one anytime !
It lasts for a few hours on the skin and then it fades away, leaving but a masculine memory on your skin. I guess a man could actually also wear this scent as I believe it to be unisex.
I strongly recommend this body mist. That\’s one of the best scents I have in my collection and it is to die for ! 

Tempted ? Which Bath and Body Works body mists would you recommend I try out ?

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