[Monday Shadow Challenge #2] Neon pink visits Geisha

This week the Monday Shadow Challenge involved working with neon pink. That is exactly a color I never wear or never even work with. I love how these challenges solicit your creativity !

At first I was thinking of doing an ultra-black smoky eye look with a fluo pink lip makeup but that seemed too easy, too wearable, you know ? And then I remembered the geisha makeup look so I thought of mixing their makeup with some of my ideas.

I used few makeup products. After I hydrated my faceskin with sweet almond oil, I applied the W7 Get Set eye prime in White and when it had dried, I applied the Pierre René Professional n°92 matte white eyeshadow. I used it up ! The pan was full when I started my makeup look !

I also used the Max & More baked eyeshadow palette in 431 Gravity, the Pierre René Professional Silicone Volume Mascara and a fluo pink/fuchsia Fashion Professional lipgloss.
I drew my eyebrows with the black eyeshadow from the Miss Cop 24 palette and then with the turquoise eyeshadow. Usually the geisha apply red makeup onto their eyebrows and I wanted to stick to this pattern with a different color that would match the fluo pink but would also stand out from this color at the same time. I also created a rough black line with the black eyeshadow as do the geisha.

Onto my left eye I applied the pink eyeshadow from the Miss Cop 24 Palette and stretched the look to the eyebrow. I just exaggerated the look that the geisha create in the outer corner of their eyes with red makeup. I blended it a bit to the inner corner of my eye and drew a line under my lower lashline with the same fluo pink.
I created the same pattern under my right eye using the fuchsia baked eyeshadow wet. I expect to write about these small palettes soon, by the way.
I applied one layer of the Pierre René Silicone Volume Mascara and then I applied several layers of the Fashion Professional lipgloss so as to get an opaque and really flashy result.
I am really proud of this look and I want to emphasize how difficult it is to work with eyeshadows and colored lipgloss once you have a white opaque foundation on. 
What do you think of this look ?

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