My opinion about the less-than-one-euro Liquid Lip Color lipsticks by Max and More

You all know I\’ve been trying out the Max & More cosmetics for some time now and today I want to show you amazing lip products from the brand that I\’ve been using lately. I love matte lipsticks because they give you this natural and chic look but I felt like I owed some love to the Liquid Lip Color lipsticks from Max and More.

Each lipstick holds 3 grams of products within its hard plastic bottle and you can keep it for 6 months after you\’ve first opened it. They all have the same foam tipped brush (as do the Glossy Lipsticks 2 in 1), the same brush that you can easily get when you buy a lipgloss. It\’s small and precise, yet sometimes not precise enough when you want to apply dark or vivid colors. It doesn\’t really matter for you can easily apply the lip color with a lip brush.

I have bought 8 different colors and I wish Max & More offered a bigger range of colors for this product. For instance, the only really nude colors I have found are a beige nude and a peachy nude and I think that some \”My lips but better\” colors would be an awesome buy !

The 4 first colors are True Nude (a beige nude), Absolute Nude (a peachy nude with some sparkles in it), Rio Red (a pinkish red with some sparkles in it) and Spanish Red (a true vivid red).

The four following colors are Raspberry (a hot pink), Mystic Plum (a mauve color, one of my favorite Lip Colors !), Cherry Pink (a vivid pink lighter than Raspberry, more of a Barbie pink) and Cherry Pop (a chic cherry/burgundy color).

There were other colors as well such as a vivid orange but that\’s absolutely not what I like to wear on my lips. My favorite Liquid Lip Colors are Mystic Plum and True Nude. The other ones are too vivid for everyday wear and I may find Absolute Nude wearable but I have no great love for it.

I love how pigmented those liquid lipsticks are. If you apply just one layer, you\’ll end up with a colored lipgloss but you\’ll get really pigmented lipsticks with two layers. They are bright but not shimmery unless you buy Rio Red and Absolute Nude for instance. I am under the impression I am wearing a creamy lipstick with a lipgloss on top when I wear these for they\’re so pigmented that they\’re opaque and not sticky at all.

There\’s this chemical odor when you first apply the lipstick and it remains a little bit when you\’ve been wearing it for a few minutes. I don\’t think it\’s that inconvenient as it\’s not like I\’m applying petroleum on my lips.

They don\’t emphasize the lip wrinkles and they are really comfortable : the texture makes me feel like I\’m wearing a lipbalm. The only negative thing is that I feel like I have to be thoroughly precise when I\’m applying these. Mostly the vivid and dark colors will leave some color behind if you make a small mistake. They are really easy to take off with a baby wipe though !

Here I am, wearing Mystic Plum, a wonderful mauve color. It holds on really well, several hours without fading (like more than 4 to 5 hours !) unless you eat or drink then by nature they\’ll wear off a bit. I am really happy I bought these and I hope they\’ll release some more nude colors in the future !
What do you think of these liquid lipsticks ? Are you tempted or have you tried them out yet ?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi ! First time hearing about those products. They look good, and very pigmented. =D Bisous Bisous.Elo.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey girl ! They are really pigmented indeed and hold soooo well ! I've been on your blog last night, keep up the good work ! ;)Bisous !


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