Valentine\'s Day Sweet Girl Manicure ♥

For all of you who\’ve lived in the woods till now, tomorrow\’s Valentine\’s Day. Yiheee ! Even though many single women (\”Anyway what\’s Valentine\’s Day but a commercial celebration ?\”) and tightfisted boys (\”You know Valentine\’s Day is every day with you, honey !\”), it\’s still a beautiful celebration of love filled with hearts, kisses and pretty presents (or failed attempts at presents in some cases).

Even if you feel like a bit stupid being alone on this special day (euphemism for \”feeling like a complete dumbass\”), nothing stops you from being with your cherished ones (unless you\’re very far away, stands to reason). And so it goes from lovers celebration to love celebration, wouldn\’t your mama appreciate a nice gesture from you on this special day ?

Let\’s all admire my magnificent Valentine\’s Day manicure ! Sweet, soft pink and really easy for that matter.
To achieve this beautiful girly look, I cleaned my nailed with the Konad Cuticle remover I was talking about right here. It\’s an amazing nailcare. I advise you to look it up and get it for it\’s so efficient !
I didn\’t apply a basecoat underneath my two coats of Golden Rose Matte Nail Lacquer in shade 18, a wonderful baby pink I bought at Cookie\’s Makeup for €1. Cookie\’s Makeup is a store in Paris that sells almost exclusively Golden Rose Makeup and they also have an e-store. I will include this nail polish in the Cookie\’s Makeup I will publish soon, I promise. 

I also used a Konad stamping nail lacquer in Pink Red as well as a Konad topcoat I love. It dries very quickly and protects the nail polish really well. 
I chose to decorate my nails with silver stars and a stamp of loving birds from the Konad plate M101.
I started by applying two coats of the Golden Rose nail lacquer that has a powdery, velvet matte finish and that I find absolutely wonderful. I think this lacquer would look amazing on a tanned skin.
I then used the bird stamping pattern with the Pinky Red Konad polish. I thought it was a really cute pattern to use as I\’m not yet comfortable with bigger, nail-wide patterns.
Then I applied a topcoat on all my nails and just before it dried I used a dotting tool to place one silver star on my middle finger under the bird stamp and three on my forefinger.
Once the first topcoat had dried I applied a second one to protect the whole. Careful to wait for the first layer to dry before applying the second one or you might move the stars…


What do you think of this manicure ? Do you think it\’s too cliché or completely in the mood of Valentine\’s Day ?

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