Our love is unique : the 2016 Valentine\'s eyeshadow palette by Marionnaud ♥

Lately it seems I\’ve been going on an on about lipsticks I had or lip products I am eager to get : Max & More 2 in 1 Glossy Lipsticks, my mauve/nude lipsticks wishlist and a review about the superb Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in Sweetheart.
Today is all about love though and I\’ve decided to show you an eyeshadow palette called Amour unique/Our love is unique that Marionnaud has realeased. The French perfumery has indeed designed a capsule collection drawn on the marinière, the famous sailor pattern and also called Our love is unique. This range holds two palettes (this one and a smaller one) as well as two pouches.

Ever since I have tried out the sublime Carnet de couleurs palette I bought for less than €4, I regularly go back to the store or on the website to check what they have in stock. A few days ago, I went back to the store to see what they had left on sale and I left with some new products as well as this new palette, Amour unique. It costs €17.90 and you can get it even cheaper if you have the Marionnaud loyalty card. Until Valentine\’s Day, you can get a 20% discount off the gift boxes at Marionnaud and since this palette is considered a gift box, you can get your hands on it for €15 tops.

To be precise, the palette holds 28 eyeshadows, 4 blushes, 2 compact powders as well as a foam tipped brush and a (not super precise) small blush brush.

If you want more details, the palette is very comprehensive. If you like to play around with colors, you\’ll love it and if you\’re more of a discrete makeup wearer, you\’ll appreciate it too. I really appreciate that anyone can use it because there are some colors I would never buy on their own such as the bright light green or light blue.

You can create a ton of day looks or nighttime looks and play around with the very shimmery colors or use the nude ones that are less pigmented on purpose. I could regret there aren\’t more of the dark eyeshadows like a plum or an emerald one but there\’s a beautiful camaïeu of blues and greys and those are exactly the colors I\’m loving right these days. Though, I would have appreciated it if there had been some mattes, like a dark brown and a flesh toned eyeshadow too. The basics.
You\’ll also find two compact powders in the palette (I guess that\’s why it\’s considered a box and not just an eyeshadow palette) that would match most women\’s skintone. I understand you can\’t include compact powders that would match every woman\’s skintone, in which case you wouldn\’t have a compact palette anymore. 

SWATCHES : The blushes

I really like those blushes, especially the first one and the last one which. They are very silky and I think the third one could actually pass as a bronzer.

SWATCHES : The eyeshadows 

This matte black. OMG. The burgundy color isn\’t as beautiful as it is in reality…
A pink/white duochrome color that you can also find in the Carnet de couleur, and oh this second eyeshadow : a dark blue to die for…
The most colorful row of colors. Makes you want to try out new makeup looks, dare to be artistic !
I love all the eyeshadows from this row. There\’s the two pinks, one very pigmented and metallic and one pearly and discreet, two grey shades… The white color and the dark blue (it is indeed lighter in the picture) are really wonderful too. That\’s a beautiful combination of colors.

MOTD – 2 Makeups of the day



Applying and blending those eyeshadows is really easy. Without a primer underneath, they last for about 3 to 4 hours before creasing and lasted more than 7 hours with the Sheer primer from ELF before starting to crease.
I\’m really happy with this purchase ! This palette may seem a bit expensive for some that are more of matte lovers. Despite the high quality of the eyeshadows, most of them are shimmery and may not be easy to wear during daytime. In any case, to all the lovers of pigmented and colorful creations, this one is ideal for you.
Tempted ?

Wanna discover the amazing Carnet de couleurs ? 

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