Pierre René Matte Eyeshadows : a quality that will leave you speechless

There used to be no love lost between matte eyeshadows and I. I love colors, I love how the light strikes on a metallic or duochrome eyeshadow, in a nutshell I love colors and textures that make the eyeshadow look alive.

To me a matte eyeshadow used to be as useful as a hair in your plate when you\’re about to start eating your soup. Having trouble to take the eyeshadow with your brush, then having eyeshadow everywhere but on your eyelids, blending and then looking for the color everywhere wondering where the f*** it\’s gone, that\’s not what I want to sign up for. No one does. 
The Naked Smoky eyeshadow palette made me reconsiderate the thought of using matte eyeshadows but Pierre René is the brand that really allowed me to appreciate them to the best.
Today I have 15 eyeshadows to show you that are part of the mono eyeshadows range. They\’re all on sale at the moment on their website and you can get them for 72 cents of € a piece (each is 1.5g).
Don\’t confuse these mono eyeshadows with the Chic eyeshadows or with the refills : some may have the same name and/or number and not be alike. Above all, be quick about it : some are already out of stock.

I apologize about the shy 15th for he didn\’t want to be part of the class photo. You will see its swatch all the same : it is outstanding ! While we\’re at it, let us slowly move on to the swatches so you can see how amazing they are for yourself…


Pierre René Matte Eyeshadow No 203 Golden Yellow.
That\’s the shy eyeshadow I\’ve been talking to you about. It\’s one of the first of the brand I\’ve swatched and I\’ve been astonished by the quality of this opaque yellow color I would totally wear as a highlight for a smoky grey look for instance.
Pierre René Matte Eyeshadow No 75 Diva Red.
I\’ve been surprised by this eyeshadow too. I\’ve only ever seen one matte true red eyeshadow matching the quality of this one and I\’ll talk about it soon. Pierre René matte eyeshadows are not chalky at all and that\’s pretty convincing.
Pierre René Matte Eyeshadow No 201 Gothic Look : a kind of burnt orange.
Pierre René Matte Eyeshadow No 202 Orange Cocktail
Pierre René Matte Eyeshadow No 62 Pastel Papaya
That is an excellent caramel toned brown.

The three last eyeshadows in this row are part of my favorite. They\’re to die for. Well, not literally but they\’re really, really good. No need to rub the eyeshadow like crazy to have such a pigmentation. It was there already, waiting to be appreciated.

Pierre René Matte eyeshadow No 64 Chestnut Mat
Pierre René Matte eyeshadow No 65 Secret Ruby
There\’s a hint a red in this eyeshadow and I find the color exceptional. Just one swatch gives you this amazing pigmentation, I am so in love !
Pierre René Matte Eyeshadow No 194 Hypnotic Chocolate
I am astonished by this chocolate brown. Look at how opaque it is ! A matte, perfectly opaque eyeshadow, it\’s amazing !


Pierre René Matte eyeshadow No 181 Like a Green
I have been really happy to see such opaque and light matte colors !
Pierre René Matte eyeshadow No 177 Light Steel Blue
Pierre René Matte Eyeshadow No 176 Aquatic Blue
Pierre René Matte Eyeshadow No 182 City Night
Pierre René Matte Eyeshadow No 185 Pretty Pink
Pierre René Matte Eyeshadow No 53 Pastel Fuchsia
It is the eyeshadow I\’ve been most disappointed in. It\’s actually a bit sheerer and less pigmented than the rest of the colors.
Pierre René Matte Eyeshadow No 193 Midnight Plum

I\’ve created my first matte makeup ever with those eyeshadows. I\’d never even tried in the past and I must say it\’s an exquisite experience to use and blend these. They\’re breath-taking.

For this I\’ve applied the orange eyeshadow Gothic Look in the crease then I blended it with Pastel Papaya in the crease as well before stretching lightly Pastel Papaya onto the lid. Then, I applied Golden Yellow just above the crease and blended it with Gothic Look. Some mascara and I was ready ! Since it is matte, the look is actually soft and I\’ve been able to go out with this in daytime even if the colors are pretty strong and really pigmented.

After I applied these without any primer underneath, the eyeshadows didn\’t budge for about 3 to 4 hours. That\’s a good result when you know my eyelids are quite greasy !
I am in love and a bit disturbed by the fact that some are not in stock anymore, so I will have to be careful when using these and spare them a bit.

In this Mono Eyeshadows range I have bought a lot of other eyeshadows, many metallic and many pearly. My breath is taken away when I just think of how beautiful they are, especially the metallic ones. Not kidding at all. Just be ready to break the bank when I publish their swatches ! 

Do you know the brand Pierre René ? Are you tempted with some of their makeup ?

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