Max and More 2 in 1 Glossy Lipsticks

I\’ve written about Max & More cosmetics in the past. It is sold exclusively in the Action stores and they offer quite anything one might expect from a makeup brand : lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow palettes, face primers, blushes, powders and accessories such as basic eye brushes or super cute tweezers.
I\’ve written about the smokey eyes sets for instance, but as I am quickly becoming a lipstick addict, I wanted to see for myself what the 2 in 1 Glossy Lipsticks were worth. I have to admit, I\’m not sure if I should be in love or feel betrayed. I shall be waiting for your opinion about these as I am nothing of an expert when it comes to liquid lipsticks.
Those Glossy Lipsticks are sold in pairs for €1.79. If they\’re good, we\’re okay and if they\’re not, that\’s not much to lose, now is it ?

I\’ve known the brand Max & More for about a year now and yet I\’ve never been attracted to those products. I am a sucker for classic lipsticks with their beautiful packagings (like the Velvet Matte collection from Golden Rose) or their easily recognizable smell and those are the first liquid lipsticks I have ever tried. It seems like every brand is releasing a liquid lipstick collection. Velvetines from Lime Crime, Retro Matte Liquid from MAC, Ultra Matte Lip from ColourPop, MeNow on Aliexpress. And now those Color & Gloss from Max & More.
I\’ve only ever tried some classic basic lipsticks from this brand and I have not liked them. They were moisturizing and creamy but I remember buying two shades I never wear outside when I wasn\’t used to wearing anything on my lips at all. Those are simple plastic lipsticks of about 10 cm. On one side there\’s the lip color and on the other side, there is a glossy balm.
There\’s no way you can be mistaken on how to use those lipsticks : Step 1 and Step 2 are printed on the color and on the gloss. If by any funny chance you can\’t speak English (how can you understand this article then ?!), you will find on the back of the pack the instructions in this language as well as in French, Dutch and German. It\’s okay babe. Everything\’s fine.
Each side has the same sponge tip. It is precise enough so that applying the color is easy and you can also press it against the inside of the tube to take out more cream. I do not know why it is more difficult for the gloss to come out when the tip is exactly the same. Don\’t ask me why.

So HOW does it work ?
If you carefully follow the instructions on the back of the pack, here\’s how to proceed :
Step 1. Apply a layer of the colored formula on the lips.
Step 2. Apply the transparent balm, after the colored layer has dried.
You can remose the lipstick with an oil-based makeup remover.


The 8 wet Glossy Lipstick creams
Some of the colors are a lot sheerer and less pigmented than the others and of course that\’s why I would not advise you to go for them. On dark pink lips such as mine, they\’re really bad looking.

The most pigmented colors are Nude Sensation (still too clear for my lips to look good), Coral (I would rather have called it Hot Pink) then Nude, Deep Red and Indigo (those last 3 are my favorite).
Nude is a color I can wear everyday though it\’s come out rather bright on the pics where I\’m wearing it. It is a kind of mauve/rosewood color and when I saw it I was a bit comforted from not finding the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 13 Marvelous Mauve that\’s out of stock on the website and in the 2 Sephoras I\’ve been to.

However, Nude Sensation and Peachy Nude are not good products at all. They\’re not creamy enough and not pigmented enough and they create a kind of camouflage pattern on the lips when you apply them. Deep Blush is the only one that\’s matte while looking like it\’s shiny. Good job.
Applying the color is really easy and though it dries pretty quickly, you have some time to adjust the outline and correct potential mistakes. Do hurry though because once it\’s dry, it is definitely harder to take it off without destroying your chef d\’oeuvre.

I knew that if I wore the colored cream alone, I would have a matte result (though drying if I had no lipbalm underneath). If you want to wear the colored cream alone, I would advise you don\’t. The result is wonderful until you smile a large smile like when you\’re super happy. Then the layer breaks into millions of pieces. Plus, if you press your lips together, you\’ll end up with pieces of lipstick just going on strike. Don\’t waste your time, been there, done that, and it didn\’t work out. In any case, the lip cream without the gloss is kaputt in less than an hour (unless you\’re a statue).

I\’m puzzled though, because once you apply your lipgloss, it should be enough so that the matte color is not dry anymore and I can smile my banana-smile without it breaking bad. Well nope. Apparently it doesn\’t work that way either. And away the rouge breaks.
Can anyone explain to me how these matte liquid lipsticks are supposed to work ? Or is it maybe that this product in particular is not worth much ? I\’m lost here.

Some pics with my absolute favorite colors !

In any case, I am lost. If I don\’t smile, the color + gloss mix holds for a pretty long time as promised. Unless you eat a salad with an oily dressing or French fries. 
When I don\’t smile, you can\’t know there are cracks in the lipstick, but I do not trust those. Can anybody help ?
I love the price and I love the creamy texture. I am in love with the colors that are stunning (looking at you, Nude, Deep Red and Indigo !) but I can\’t understand how to make these work. Or maybe cracks in this kind of lipstick are supposed to happen ?

Have you ever tried those lipsticks ? Have any tricks to make them stay young and beautiful ?

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