Sweetheart : the outstanding mauve lipstick from Gosh Velvet Touch

All I have ever known and wanted to have from Gosh Cosmetics was the Extreme Art Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners. Until very recently, the Danish brand sold this huge collection of multicolor felt-tip eyeliners. When I say multicolor, I mean it : they were light green, purple, orange, cobalt blue and so on. Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to try them out as it seems Gosh doesn\’t make them anymore (and it\’s also super hard to buy all of Gosh cosmetics in France). How sorry I was.

Marionnaud is the only perfumery that has been selling Gosh makeup to this point but a manager has recently told me Marionnaud was about to stop. How double sorry. Especially since I\’ve tried my first Gosh lipstick ever lately.

I have bought this lipstick off the Marionnaud website with 50% off. It seems that some Marionnaud stores don\’t have enough room to stock all the brands so I haven\’t been able to choose which lipstick I wanted in the store. Fortunately enough, little birds called bloggers helped me out with their online swatches. I have chosen the shade I hoped I could wear everyday, Sweetheart #161.

The lipstick is compact, it\’s actually the size of my middle finger (I have small hands !). The lipstick has a satin matte packaging with a shiny ring in the middle engraved with the brand name. The mix is interesting, chic and the design is sober as is that of all Gosh cosmetics, so I\’ve seen. The lipstick is small, functional and seems pretty sturdy : when you replace the cap on the lipstick, you can hear a small \”clic\” ensuring it\’s closed properly.

Look at this lipstick ! Even though it is compact, you still have 4g of lipstick to happily apply on your lips and that\’s quite the average when it comes to lipsticks.

I have kind of dark pink lips and that shade is just a bit darker, kind of a mauve pink, a nude pink lipstick with purplish undertones. 
Usually I want to wear but ancient pink or nude pink shades but I was super happy when I got the Marionnaud parcel. I am so pissed I didn\’t get another one before it went out of stock.

The lipstick itself has a subtle vanilla smell that a lot of brands seem to use : I\’ve found it in MAC lipsticks as well as in Kiko\’s. It is a lot lighter from Gosh lipsticks.

That lipstick is really easy to apply : it\’s creamy and the color is to die for. Just a tone darker than my lips but I still have to pay attention so it doesn\’t look \”too much\”. I am really happy I found a lipstick that doesn\’t mark the lips wrinkles (like not at all). It\’s oh so comfortable to wear and I\’m so used to wearing lipbalm that sometimes I mistake it for my Labello ! That\’s how comfy the texture is.

I assume that with a silver piercing the color would look even more beautiful. In my opinion, you can get an awesome soft and chic looking makeup with just some black eyeliner, mascara and this marvel anytime.

On my lips, this lasts about 3 hours before it starts fading. Unless you\’re having lunch or drinking a glass of water, then you\’ll have to reapply some afterwards. It fades in a clean way but it\’s still less beautiful. It won\’t stand kisses even though it doesn\’t fade entirely : you can still see the color really well but the shiny effect wears off with any external contact.

The color depends on the lights : it can seem to be warmer or colder but clearly, it is a blue-toned pink color. And those are my favorite !
It\’s definitely part of my favorite lipsticks. I\’m not used to buying lipsticks for more than €10 (I prefer to have many cheap ones like Golden Rose\’s, Jordana\’s, Pierre René\’s…) but I would definitely buy this again once I\’ve finished it. Even though it costs €12.95, and I would even buy two or three others.

I\’m convinced, I\’m in love, I\’m crazy about this lipstick. It\’s really hard to find a proper MLBB pink/nude/mauve shade through the Internet and this really is a great find ! (And I think that for Valentine\’s Day, the name and shade are just perfect). Still, I do want to buy me the MAC Mehr, Twig and Brave shades as much as ever !

If you have fallen in love too, you can find it on Ebay US or Ebay UK for a little less than €10. 

Have you ever tried Gosh Cosmetics ? Do you like this Sweetheart lipstick ?

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